Buying Top Gaming Laptop – Things You Need to Know

The market is lively, innovations are common and performance continues to increase, weight and footprint are falling. Check below the key points, you need to know before thinking about to buy a gaming laptop. Now days almost 80 to 90% students owe the laptop or always looking for to update or a buy a new laptop. So there is a lot of variety there in the market and it has become utmost difficult to choose the best fit from them. Also updates come in every second day, which makes the process little more difficult as well. So here we would also suggest you to check the buyer’s guide of top products before making any transaction on internet. This also allows you to make the right decision. Like if you want to buy a gaming laptop, than you may visit the website like the buyers trend as well to learn more about top gaming laptops 2019,  Anyhow, let’s move forward to check very basic points or things, which should be in your mind before buying any laptop. Basics always remain same.

Things to know before Buying Top Gaming Laptop


  • Transportable

If you do not really need mobility, you are not going anywhere without having a job with your machine. Choosing a larger size model with a large screen (17 “or 18”), a separate keypad and a large battery is then a good choice in terms of ease of use.

  • Portable

Your computer must be able to follow you everywhere but you need a minimum of comfort of use. A screen of 15.4 “is enough and is not so bulky. The weight is reasonable and the keyboard comfortable.

  • Mini portable

Portable minis are very small computers. The miniaturization, always better, of the components makes it possible to manufacture powerful computers of less than 1 kg offering all the functions that one expects of a PC. These machines can be stored in a small bag and can be used anywhere.

Technical Characteristics

  • Processor

The processor is the heart of the computer. The performance of a machine is highly conditioned by the performance of the processor. The more we want to run powerful software or powerful applications (different from 2.4 GHz). On the other hand, for an office or Internet use, one can afford to choose a medium range processor (frequency = 2 GHz). They are so powerful enough for a smooth use of the computer.

These letters are just as important as the name of the model, since they are more likely to be expected from the machine.

For example at Intel:

The standard series in 4 cores has a suffix MQ or HQ: these CPUs are almost as good as the i7 desktop.

The standard series in 2 cores is often with a suffix M, the U series indicates a low power CPU and the Y series has very low power CPU:

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Warning: the denominations do not follow the rules of desktop CPUs:

For the i7-5500U is a 2-core / 4-thread, like a desktop CPU i3, and it’s 20% less efficient than i3-4150 … But it only consumes 15W, against 55W for the i3

  • RAM

Also called RAM, this memory is getting processed by the processor. The higher the RAM capacity, the faster the processor will have access to the data it needs to process. 1 GB of RAM seems to be a great minimum today. Microsoft even recommends 2GB to use Vista effectively. Most gaming laptops have 4GB of RAM. For mini laptops we can settle for 512 MB since we will not use too greedy applications.

  • Storage space

Laptops now display hard drives with a very good capacity up to 1TB. This is important and it is important that you should be able to use it. But size is not everything and we need to take into account the speed of access to stored data. A hard drive running at 7200 rpm will be more efficient than a 5400 rpm. Some computers now offer flash memory or SDRAM. Unlike the hard disk, this storage method implements no mechanical element and is therefore less fragile. On the other hand, it is more important; it does not have a very important space (up to 16 GB) and would have a limited duration of use.

  • Graphic card

This is a key element if you practice video games or 3D animation very greedy in this area. Do not hesitate to take a powerful graphics card because it quickly becomes obsolete, and it does not change in almost all cases (see paragraph Upgrade).

It is necessary to provide a minimum of RAM, associated with a powerful graphics processor, see the graphics card of the laptop.

Otherwise, it may be interesting to have a TV output on your laptop but the high performance of the graphics card may not be necessary. Moreover, the mini laptop and some entry-level models just offer a chipset graphics (a chip integrated into the motherboard), ample enough for office or Internet.

  • Connectors

We must try to consider it and we will be able to do it. The firewire in particular is more and more used for its performance (much faster than the USB in exchange for data). Similarly, do not skimp on USB ports, always useful. To watch your movies on TV, also think about checking the HDMI connectivity. A multifunction card reader is also sometimes useful for transferring data from your camera or mobile phone.


  • Cut

There are notebooks with screens ranging from 7 to 20 inches. The size of the screen depends on your machine. A large screen will allow you to enjoy movies, work comfortably or play. On the other hand, the bulk will be bigger. On the contrary a small screen from 12 ” and less allows having a machine very convenient to carry.

  • Brightness
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As for the photos on paper it is necessary to choose the matte or the brilliant one. Brilliance favors watching videos with a TV-like rendering. The mast is certainly less pleasant to watch but is less sensitive to reflections. Again, the choice depends on your use.


It is 2 to 8 hours in office use. This is a key point in choosing a laptop. It is good to know that the battery is better, the heavier it is. This must be taken into consideration if you have to carry your PC everywhere. We can play on the quality of the battery but also on the consumption. There are now low-power processes (CPU suffixes U and Y). Look at the data manufacturers (knowing that they are often a little optimistic).

Operating system

It is certainly the most important. If everyone is familiar with Microsoft Windows, let’s get you started. The Linux system is fairly easy to use but you need to go to Microsoft. Similarly, not all applications are compatible with Linux, even if we find equivalent software.

Noise and heat

These parameters are often forgotten when choosing a laptop. Yet in use, they are often dominant in terms of comfort of use. The computers heat up and for that they are ventilated. Sometimes the ventilation can be very noisy. In the same way, some machines heat more than others. Checking these settings is often difficult, especially if you order online.


Depending on your level of computer experience, it may be worthwhile to take out a contract that includes onsite troubleshooting or phone support. In general, you cannot change any part of a laptop, so long.


Of course, we would like to be able to do the same things with laptop, the same things we do with PC desktop: replace the old components by more powerful.

If it is always easy to add memory, and often easy to change the hard drive, only some laptops will change the processor (it is necessary to check the socket with CPU-Z), let alone an interchangeable graphics card:

Only the (rare) laptops equipped with graphics card by MXM (connector connector MXM) will be able to see their graphic card replaced.

As for external graphics cards (e-GPU), you need a special port to not clamp them, PCMCIA or ExpressCard port connections being equivalent to the PCI-Express x1.