The most efficient methods to boost Farming levels in OSRs

efficient methods to boost Farming levels

Whether you’re a newbie or a skilled player, for sure, you will be overwhelmed upon having guides on how to farm and achieve OSRS Levels from 1 to 99. You would be happy to know that there are dozens of methods, combinations, variations, easiest of which is of course OSRS Power Leveling service. While playing the game, you can quickly achieve boost up the speed of your OSRS Farming levels and can reach out to 99 by following the methods mentioned below. Before going ahead, you must know that this guide will help you in curating the most valuable information that provides you with the best possible ways to reach from 1 to level 99. In the end, it will up to you to decide which method you like to choose and also suits your playing style. List states The most efficient methods to boost Farming levels in OSRs.

Required Items to Boost Your OSRS Farming

Below, there are some items you must collect before considering to boost your skills and their names are the following:

  • Rake – it will help you remove weeds
  • Spade – you can use to clear dead crops and harvest crops
  • Watering Can – Use this can to water your plants 
  • Speed Dibber – Use this tool to sow seeds
  • Gardening Trowel – You can grab this tool to fill pots with soil
  • Plant Pot – It lets you grow tree seed
  • Secateurs – making use of this tool will help you in cutting rotten branches of the tree

If you are looking for a shop to get your farming equipment, then you should visit Sarah’s Farming Shop built in Falador and famous for useful items and powerful magic spells, including Urns. After having all the necessary tools, the next step is what you should plant to earn more experience points within the limited seed. Therefore, here’s a table to make you understand what you will receive after planting what seed. 

  • The seed of Potato – Rewards you 98 XP Points per Seed
  • The seed of Onion – Rewards you 114.5 XP Points per Seed
  • The seed of Tomato – Rewards you 152.5 XP Points per Seed
  • The seed of Cabbage – Rewards you 12 XP Points per Seed
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After coming to know what you should plant to earn more points for OSRS Boosting, you must reveal the places where you have to plant the said seeds to obtain more points. 

Where to Plant Seeds?

The list contains some brilliant places that are best to plant your selected seeds for more XP points. It will boost your OSRS Profile and let you claim a variety of rewards like never before. So without any delay, go ahead and plant your seeds in the mentioned places for OSRS Boosting. 

  • South of Falador – Falador Teleport or Amulet of Glory 
  • West of Port Phasmatys – Ectophial or Fairy Ring
  • North of Catherby – Camelot Teleport or Fairy Ring 
  • North of Ardougne – Ardougne Teleport

In the beginning, the best thing is to execute is planting seeds on targeted patches. Although the process is quite slow and repetitive, that’s for you to earn more XP points to obtain OSRS Boosts. However, it’s much better to use only potato seeds from one to level 5, then switch to onions for five levels to 15, awarding you the most experience. Moreover, hiring a local farmer to defend your crops would be great, and if you don’t do that, then you should need to come back, again, and again, to check up your plants, they don’t die. Already mentioned above, there are five main allotments, and a new island is available, which you can access after completing the quest of the Great Brain Robbery.

Challenging Farming Quests (Alternative to Planting Crops) 

If you find planting crops tough, you can easily switch to completing the farming quests for experience. There are many quests to complete, and each one requires the completion of specific objectives to achieve for the experience. Different types of quests will reward you with a varied amount of experience like completion of Recipe for Disaster will reward you with 1000 experience, and no level requirement is needed. Similarly, the Enlightened Journey requires 30 Level and awards up to 3000 experience. Other challenging quests are mentioned below with rewards you claim, such as: 

  • Fairy Tale I – Growing Pains – Level required none and awards 3,500 Experience 
  • Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf – Required Level 45 and grants you 4,000
  • Garden of Tranquility – Required Level 25 and awards you 5,000 
  • My Arm’s Big Adventure – Required Level 29 and awards you 5,000
  • Rum Deal – Required Level 40 and grants you 7,000
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Advanced Levels (15 to 99)

At level 15, you can plant acorn to produce Oak Logs, Oak Leaves, and Oak Roots and, in return, will receive five tomatoes. After achieving level 30, you can plant willow seed to have willow logs, willow leaves, and willow roots and can claim 5 apples. Once you approach level 45, try to plant maple seed as you will have maple logs, maple leaves, and maple roots, and in return, will receive 5 oranges. Planting yew seed at level 60 will produce yew leaves, yew roots, and yew logs for you, and you can exchange them for 10 cactus spine. After approaching 75-level, you have to plant the magic seed for magic leaves, magic roots, and magic logs to claim 25 coconuts. 

Advanced Levels

For advanced levels, you require to begin doing both herb and tree runs to earn more experience. Although it serves as an integral part of obtaining farming levels, it’s quite efficient and straightforward. However, the process is slow but gives you the most experience. Approximately 8 hours are required for a tree to grow, so you can do other tasks like completing quests and playing mini-games to have fun. Similarly, the herbs will grow in less time compared to trees and requires the same procedure as tree runs. You don’t need to learn something special, just required farming tools and stuff to make you covered with all possible skills. 

Quick Guide to Farming

Here’s a quick guide to Farming Levels for OSRS Boosting. Let’s get started!

1. Level 15 to 30 

To have more experience, you can merely grow Oaktree when your character has a level 15 to 30. 

2. Level 30 to 45

You should be targeted on growing fruit trees

3. Level 45 to 60 

Try to grow Curry Trees when you are playing the game with level 60 to 75. 

4. Level 60 to 74

From level 60 to 80, you need to grow Payapa trees and Palm Trees to have more experience than your expectations. 

5. Level 75 to 99 

After achieving the mentioned level, you will find yourself at the home stretch, where no trees will offer you more experience than these two, such as Magic and Palm Tree.