What are HVAC installations?


HVAC – what does it mean? How can this shortcut be useful for your business?

Appropriate working conditions are one of the most important factors affecting the productivity and satisfaction of employees and every employer should remember this. Appropriate temperature and air purity are very important, especially in the case of slightly heavier industries and, for example, work in large production halls. This is where knowing an abbreviation like HVAC comes in handy.

What it is?

HVAC is an industry of sanitary engineering. The abbreviation was created from the combination of the first letters of the English words for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

The main task of these appliances is to maintain the appropriate temperature in the facility (both heating and lowering the air °C), as well as cleaning the air by cleaning it and eliminating dust – the appliance supplies clean and removes polluted air.

How effective are they?

In HVAC, great emphasis is placed on the integration of individual devices, which affects the final performance and the costs of construction and operation of the entire installation. Therefore, the entire HVAC consists of integrated devices from many different areas of the facility’s operation – for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Their proper functioning is one of the most important factors in ensuring the best working conditions in a given building and reducing the operating costs of the entire facility. Self-contained installations are among the most energy-intensive elements of each facility, which is why their integration is beneficial and contributes to energy saving in the facility.

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Only conditioning, what about ventilation?

Sanitary installations in the building can be divided into several types. First of all, these are water and sewage systems, responsible for supplying fresh water to the building and removing sewage from it. They are also fire protection systems which, at best, will never be put into operation, but must always remain operational. Sanitary installations also include gas supply, although in many modern buildings it is already retired. In industrial buildings, sanitary installations include compressed air systems or oil systems. One of the subtypes of sanitary installations is HVAC.

All elements of the installation influence each other, therefore the correct design of the system is extremely important.

What other tasks does it perform?

No, sometimes installations are much more complicated. The abbreviation is sometimes extended with the letter I, meaning the insulation of the building. In the era of energy efficiency and heat recovery technology, proper insulation is as important as the ventilation system itself. In some installations, the letter R is added to the abbreviation, meaning advanced refrigeration systems (industrial facilities). Each installation is specific, the abbreviation HVAC most generally reflects what part of the sanitary installation is in question.


How to care? Servicing

Like any device, the HVAC needs proper care, consisting of constant inspections and regular replacement of wearing parts. Only such servicing will ensure long-term and trouble-free operation of the entire installation.

It is important because the purchase of a new and efficient HVAC can be a serious expense for the budget of any company, and the lack of its proper maintenance can reduce the efficiency of the entire installation, increase electricity costs, or lead to the failure of the entire system.

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The HVAC functioning in the building must be properly prepared and adapted to, for example, seasonal climatic changes. Service inspections identify components that are more exposed to adverse factors that require frequent inspection or servicing. This allows not only to prevent possible faults and downtime, but also significantly extends the life cycle of the devices.

A well-prepared service plan brings measurable benefits. Starting from a significant reduction in the number or complete elimination of failures and downtimes, maintaining the maximum efficiency of devices, ensuring their long life, to significant savings in expenses resulting from energy consumption.

With the current increase in user requirements and energy prices, it is a good option for every property owner and manager.


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