What To Look For In A Smartphone Camera

Smartphones have democratized the world of photography, with high quality cameras and photo taking apps like Snapchat and Instagram leading to over a trillion photos being taken each year. However, many of these images are low quality and not really up to the standard of a proper DSLR. If you’re a keen photographer but don’t want to lug around a bunch of heavy lenses, then opt for the very best in smartphone cameras. Take your Instagram profile to the next level by researching camera specs beforehand. Follow the below advice carefully, and you’ll be taking professional quality snaps without the need for any bulky equipment.

Lenses And Zoom Quality

The best quality smartphones are now capable of housing some of the best wide angle lenses, allowing a competent photographer to get the most from their images. Whether you are looking to take your picture collage to the next level or save on the cost of a wedding photographer, it all starts with the lens. Fortunately, most phones opt for wide angle, which is the most versatile lens and is useful in almost any situation. However, with digital zoom, many smartphone cameras offer a low quality result. Opt for the iPhone X, which has two lenses for a crisper focus, or the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, which comes with a selection of three cameras on the back. Once you have this versatility, you can shoot in more situations. Combine this with a clip-on lens for telephoto zooming capabilities or ultra-wide angle shots. With the right lens, you’ll be able to keep the foreground in focus while blurring the background for a greater depth of image.

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ISO Settings

If you’re confident enough to switch to manual mode, then you need a smartphone which offers the greatest level of customization. Since you will rarely be using a tripod with your phone, adjusting the ISO settings is essential for low light situations. Look for something with a range of about 50 to 1250; the larger, the better.

Some phone cameras might work well in some situations, but fail in others. By choosing a model with manually adjustable settings, you can work your magic to find the right balance depending on the circumstance. This will require some photography knowhow, but allows you to unleash your creativity and create striking pictures with a smartphone alone.

Extra Features

As mentioned above, versatility is key. A good camera is able to give you what you want out of any given situation, so check what extra features are included. For instance, 4K filming is now available on the latest smartphones, and will allow you to create professional quality videos. Having a camera which can shoot in 60fps will also enable you to film in slow motion, so you can explore your creativity more deeply as a photographer.

If you don’t always want to carry around camera equipment but love taking high quality photographs, then choose your smartphone carefully. Checking the lens, zoom, and ISO specs helps you to get something that closely resembles a decent digital camera. Remember to check other features too, so that you have the versatility to achieve any result you desire.