The Right Scribing Tool for Your Project

Right Scribing Tool Project

The global markets demand faster, smaller, and cheaper tools. To meet the demands and trend for the innovative scribing tool, Lattice Gear focuses on developing the cleaving and scribing tools so that it speeds up the sample preparations. 

State-of-the-art Scribing Tools

To create a deliberate weak point in the substrates substances, the method of scribing is used which is a technique of high precision. Cleaving is followed after scribing that roots the delicate materials to break at its right exact place or point. 

It is a difficult job to choose the right general scribing tool. It needs knowledge and experience as only then the final endpoint will prove to be fruitful. This is the reason the semiconductor industries and R&D labs get advice from LatticeGear to choose the best solution for their projects. It has a wide range of scribing tools that can be used and adapted for many projects and purposes. 

The following are a few of the amazing scribing tools by LatticeGear.

  • FlipScribe 100 – Some of the substrates are scribed at the back. It is also considered an effective way to achieve the front-side targets, especially in the case of glass, sapphire, and bonded wafers. FlipScribe 100 is a stable, compact, fast, accurate, and low-cost scribing tool. It is known for its best feature that requires no utilities. This makes the tool flexible and suitable for all kinds of the lab. It scribes perfectly without touching the sample top while integrating a durable diamond scribe into the platform. The time taken for this scribing process is 1 minute and allows the user to position it accurately on the scribe mark. It can be visualized either by a high magnification microscope or just by the naked eye. 
  • FlexScribe – The FlexScribe is a simple and super-fast method for downsizing samples and wafers, by implying the scribing method on the topside. A carbide scribing wheel is mounted on the scribe, which makes the whole mechanism a straight cut process. It can be used on varied materials, regardless of its shape, and covers materials like silicon, glass slides, sapphire, coverslips, III-V, and other brittle and crystalline materials. 
  • LatticeScriber – LatticeScriber has a customized top with a numbered tip. It has great flexibility that meets all the requirements of the scribing process. The handle is nickel-plated and sturdy which has a great place for stability and a knurled barrel that gives a firm grip. The swelling head of the LatticeScriber is hexagonal which prevents the tool from rolling. 
  • Carbide Cutters – It is the best and most fitted tungsten carbide cutter for silicon, glass, and other crystalline materials. It can cut glass as thin as 0.3 – 1.5 mm and hard glass ranging from 0.3 – 6 mm. The cutting wheel is known to create a clean and perfect scribe line and minimizes the particles when compared to the pointed diamond scribe. The substrates are split cleanly and perfectly. It comes with a plastic handle of 5”.
  • Laser Carbide Cutters – Laser Carbide Cutters has a high penetrating tungsten carbide cutting wheel that provides a non-slip start and also deep scoring. It can cut hard glass ranging 0.3 -2 mm and a thin glass of 0.1-2 mm. it is trademarked for cutting hard glass, thin glass, silicon, quartz, and III-V. it creates a clean scribe line that minimizes the particles and allows the substrate to split cleanly and finely. It also comes with a plastic handle of 5”. 
  • Carbide Cutter – Laser Ultra-Thin – It is used for ultra-thin glass .03-2 mm and hard glass 0.3-2 mm. It is also used for other crystalline materials. Its high penetrating cutting helps a non-slip start and enables deep scoring. It is popularly used for cutting hard glass, ultra-thin glass, quartz, III-V, and silicon. 
  • Carbide Cutter-Deep Cutting – It can cut thick glass 3-10 mm and also cuts silicon off the crystal axis. It is similar to other carbide cutters where it substrates cleanly and minimizes the particles. It comes with a plastic handle for firmer grip and easy handling of 5”. 
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LatticeGear is the perfect product for innovative and designed scribing and cleaving tools. It helps to make the sample preparation simple, clean, easy, and dry. It speeds up the entire scribing process ensuring minimal sample waste.