Alice Genshin Impact: Everything You Need To Know!

alice genshin impact

It is evident that you are really curious about Alice Genshin Impact. Why? Because this character is not even playable now. Yes, we have heard a lot about her, and we know she’s important. But she is yet to be introduced in the game as a character you can play.

Whatever the reason be, your curiosity is justified. After all, knowing about her is all you can do till the character is actually in the game. So do not worry, we will tell you all about Alice in this article. So stay tuned.

alice genshin impact

Alice Genshin Impact

Since this character is only someone players keep hearing about, we do not know what she might look like. But we do know her titles and achievements.

Alice is known as the Great Adventurer of the Realms as she has actually traveled all around Teyvat. She did not just have countless adventures but also documented them. And wrote the Teyvat Travel Guide. Through this book, one can understand how free-spirited she was. She wasn’t afraid to take risks and had the best adventures. There are other parts of the book as well, but according to the story of the game, they are not as popular.

A lot happened in her life prior to her writing the book. She has encountered many people on her travels. We will spare you the details as we are here to give you basic information, not to spoil the game for you.

But, we can tell you about one notable encounter. This is to show you that even though Alice was destructive, she could be helpful as well. On one of her travels, she met someone called Echo. He had a stutter that obviously made communication a struggle for him. Alice, being an alchemist, gave him a potion that helped him greatly. It fixed his stutter. And then suddenly, he could imitate anybody around him.

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Also, there’s no hard in telling you about her family. She met her husband and fell in love with him on one of her travels. And she later gave birth to their daughter, Klee.

alice genshin impact

Alice’s abilities

Even though you cannot play this character yet, her abilities are well-known. She has a number of abilities that make her even more interesting. There’s no doubt why players are eager to succeed in the games.

Her abilities include:


Alice’s alchemy abilities include making bombs. We know that because, according to her story, she bombed many archways in Stormterror’s Lair. She did that to make it easy to climb the archways. Also, for some reason, she wanted to make it look ancient, as if in ruins.

She is also apparently still experimenting with explosives. Alice has developed Dodoco, a doll explosive. Her explosives are in the form of dolls, probably to make them look less suspicious. She also taught her daughter, Klee, to make explosives the way she does.


Her other power is the ability to make potions for medicinal purposes. Her potions are very effective, capable of curing people of serious ailments. It’s almost magical how her potions work. As we have mentioned before, one of her potions has even cured someone’s speech impediment. But like most almost magical potions, hers can have side effects as well. It is, after all, a fantasy world.


After giving birth to Klee, she did not stop traveling. She left Klee with Albedo and went back to being an adventurer. But again, that did not stop her from being an amazing mother. She wanted to create something beautiful for Klee. So she made much of the Golden Apple Archipelago. She made it hoping that her daughter Klee would enjoy it someday. And that is such a beautiful thing to do.

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Alice also set up the Waverider, Waverider Waypoints, and Glimmering Beacons. However, whether she actually built them or not is unknown. They might have existed on the island before. Some think that she just organized them.

Alice is also credited with creating a machine that records her messages. She named it the Phonograph.


Talented and powerful, Diluc had said that what Alice did with Golden Apple Archipelago was extraordinary. And that other than the God of Mondstadt and Alice, no one could have the power to do such a thing. Also, Albedo, who is himself a talented alchemist, has considered Alice to be a “near-omnipotent sorceress.”

Along with that, Alice is powerful enough to create large Hydro-based energy shields.


This is sort of a surprising ability when it comes to Alice. She mostly deals with scientists and magical powers, but this is one that is simple. She recolored the Wings of Feasting that she had obtained from another world. It is kind of sweet that she changed the color of the wings to her family’s color scheme. At first, it was blue and white, but she changed it to red.

alice genshin impact

Will you be able to play Alice soon?

A lot of players are eagerly waiting to play her. We are not sure when the game will launch Alice as a playable character. But we do know that there is a good possibility that it will happen. And we do hope that everyone who loves her story gets to play her soon.

Final Thoughts

And we have come to the end of the blog – Alice Genshin Impact. We hope that we have been able to tell you all about Alice. She is a very interesting character with an even more interesting story. If you want to know more about her, check out the game and her storyline.

Let us know what you thought of this blog in the comments.