Cyberpunk 2077: I Fought the Law — Mission and Walkthrough

Cyberpunk 2077 I Fought the Law

If you play Cyberpunk 2077 regularly, you probably already know about I Fought Law, a side job in the game that requires you to investigate leads, followed by investigating the club. If you’re having issues with the Cyberpunk 2077 I Fought the Law Mission, we’ve got you covered.

Here is a complete guide to the mission, including its details, objectives, and how to complete it.

Excited? Let’s get started.

Cyberpunk 2077: I Fought Law — An Overview

After you complete Life During Wartime, a main job in the game, you’ll receive a call from Elizabeth Peralez, asking you to meet in person. Elizabeth is the wife of Jefferson Peralez, a mayoral candidate. After you meet Elizabeth, you’ll discover that the previous mayor of the city was murdered. Your task will be to investigate the leads you get and then investigate the club.

Here are some general details about the mission:

  • Type: Side job
  • Quest Giver: Elizabeth Peralez
  • District: Heywood
  • Sub-District: The Glen, Charter Hill, Japantown, and Vista del Ray
  • Locations: Red Queen’s Race, Peralezes’s Apartment, and Chubby Buffalo’s BBQ
  • Street Cred: 13
  • Enemies: Animals, Tyger Claws
  • Quest Chain: After Life During Wartime

Walkthrough of Cyberpunk 2077: I Fought Law

Having discussed what the mission is and where it takes place, let’s look at its walkthrough. This walkthrough will tell you how to trigger the mission, along with the steps you need to take to complete it without any mistakes or issues.

  • Trigger the Mission: The first step is to trigger the mission, and you can do it by completing the Life During Wartime mission, which is a main job. At a point after completing the mission, you will get a call from Elizabeth Peralez, who will assign you this side job.
Cyberpunk 2077 I Fought the Law
Cyberpunk 2077 I Fought the Law
  • Reach the Site: When Elizabeth calls you, she will want to reach a destination. Drive to the destination to start the job.
  • Enter the Car: Elizabeth will ask you to get in the car. Get in the back seat of the car, where you’ll be greeted by Jefferson Peralez. Keep talking to Jeff to get details about the job.
  • Enter the Braindance to Look for Clues: If you don’t know what braindance is, it is a special ability to live someone else’s life for a while. After entering the braindance editor, get into the editing mode and switch layers accordingly. You’ll be able to access six clips, and you’ll need to go through all of them to obtain the clues.
  • Exit the Braindance: After checking all the clips, you’ll be asked to exit the braindance editor mode.
  • Inform Jefferson: Now that you have intel regarding the murder, share it with Jefferson. Tell him what you know, and he’ll give you information about Detective Ward.
  • Contact Detective Ward: The next step is to call detective Ward, which you can do by holding down the d-pad on your device. Doing so will allow you to look into the death of Rhyne, and the detective will set a meeting with you at Chubby Buffalo.
  • Meet the Detective: Meet Ward, who will introduce you to his partner.  The partner will ask you about your recruiter, to which you should reply that it won’t impact anything.
  • Meet the CI and Informant: River will ask you to get in his car. Follow him to his car and get inside. Select the option to meet with the CI or the informer. During the ride, River will talk to you about the case, but you can skip the ride after making your choice. First, you’ll meet the CI. Ask them about the Red queen’s Race. You’ll find the informant in the alley, where you’ll find Detective Ward already interrogating him. The CI will tell you about the informant, and you need to interrogate him at the club.
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Cyberpunk 2077 I Fought the Law
Cyberpunk 2077 I Fought the Law
  • Talk to Vendors: The next step is to talk to vendors at the club. Move around the club, and you will find some vendors giving you prompts. Talk to them and ask about Christine. Once you talk to all the vendors, your minimap will be updated with Christine’s location.
  • Fight with Tyger Claws: On your way to the warehouse, you’ll come across Tyger Claws surrounding the car. Ward will say he’ll handle them. You can either stay silent to avoid the confrontation or choose “Smack” to fight with them.
  • Get Into the Warehouse: The next step is to enter the warehouse. If you want to enter through the front gate, you’ll need to fight the gatekeeper. You can also enter from the backside. If your Technical Ability is 6+, you can enter through the back-left gate. If not, keep walking to the left and you’ll find an opening.
  • Fight the Animal: As you enter from the backdoor, you’ll find an animal. Take it down by distracting it and then using Stealth.
  • Enter the Club: Find a way to get into the club. You’ll find animals hiding around the area, and they won’t appear on the mini-map. Take all the animals down and then enter the club.
  • Find the Office: The final step is to enter the office in the club. Walk around the area and you will find the office up the stairs. Enter the office and watch the camera footage.

That’s it. You can now leave the office and tell everything you saw to the Jeffersons.

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Bonus Information

Here’s some information about the mission you may be interested in knowing, though it won’t help you in completing the mission. After completing this quest, you will receive Peralez poster memorabilia for V’s house. Also, Elizabeth initially offered the talk to Judy Alvarez, who then referred her to V. As a result, you ended up getting this side job.

Wrap Up

Cyberpunk 2077 has received a lot of popularity among the gaming community for several reasons. It’s futuristic and offers immersive graphics. The missions are highly engaging and offer a top-notch gaming experience. I Fought Law is one of the most fun side jobs in the game; however, completing it can be challenging. The above walkthrough will help you complete the mission in a hassle-free manner.