The Combat Reloaded Series

Combat Reloaded Series

First person shooter games like the Combat Reloaded series seem to be a much debated topic between gamers. Some love it, while some aren’t as keen.

With the surge in gaming during the recent lockdown giving the industry a major boost in sales, games like Combat Arms have attempted to tap into the increase in demand by offering massive incentives to players. 

For example, in April Combat Arms players got offered a whole host of perks for playing the game throughout the month. 

This also coincided with the games Spanish Service launch, designed to encourage players from the Spanish speaking nations to take up participation in the much debated first person shooter game.

While this won’t be enough to convince the less than impressed gamers that the Combat Reloaded series is the real deal, it will open up the game to a whole new market place, something that will obviously please the game’s owners and promoters.    

I still don’t believe any of the recent perks will suddenly catapult any of the Combat Reloaded series into the hearts of gamers though, but it will probably prove to be a hit with the games’ hardcore following. 

The gaming world can be a brutal place online. If a game finds itself getting a good kicking on an online forum, its reputation can be destroyed pretty quickly. There is just so much choice out there when it comes to gaming, meaning if your metaphorical face doesn’t fit, you ain’t coming in!

A problem for the first person shooter games industry can be all the other genres of games they are up against. Not only do you have the top end competitors within your own industry to compete with, you also have differing genres like io games, etc, as well.

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Can you really play FPS games and io games? 

How on earth does a first person shooter like Call of Duty compete against an io game like Slither? First person shooters are everything Slither isn’t, yet a basic game like Slither is still very popular. Granted, not as popular, but it still takes a slice of the gaming cake.

I don’t see how they can compete, it’s like comparing apples with pears. All the developers and promoters of the high tech game’s genre can do is try and exist in harmony with their less graphic friendly contemporaries. Work on theory that there is enough room in this city for the both of us.

Here you have the adrenaline rush that is Call of Duty, Fortnite, etc, spending fortunes on graphics, technology, soundtracks, and advertising, etc, and a game like Slither comes along and finds a niche all of its own without anything like the investment. How’s your luck!

You have to hand it to the io genre, they have struck upon something. And it’s something so simple, basic, and cheap – yet it works. Each to their own, and I have no problem applauding them. I know it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, and I understand that, but you can’t deny they are a success.

Yes, if I were an investor in a high octane first person shooter, I would be tearing my hair out, but it’s a free society. So I think sometimes you just have to tip your hat and say well done.

Although most first person shooter gamers would probably ever admit it, they may well have a sneaky game of Slither when they need a break from all the shooting and killing. They just wouldn’t be naive enough to admit it.

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