8 Apps Every College Students Should Have On the Phone

Apps Every College Students Should Have

Apps have made daily life and school activities easier for students today. They have also eliminated the need to buy particular supplies like cameras, dictionaries, recorders, and many other expensive gadgets. Phone apps also supplement your efforts to buy college papers in an attempt to make college life more comfortable. 

The choice of an app for students should depend on its capacity to make your life in college more bearable. Whether it is academic, social, or personal life, an easier experience will contribute to better academic performance. Some of the apps are available free of charge, while others require a subscription. You may want to look at the following apps as you attempt to create a comfortable college experience. Below are 8 Apps Every College Students Should Have On the Phone.

1. Dropbox

A student encounters numerous books and reference resources online. Others come from teachers and fellow students. Bringing all these resources to a single platform will make studying easier. It mainly saves you the hustle of carrying too many books or gadgets while studying. 

The Dropbox allows the storage of study materials in the form of articles, books, and photos on a single platform for reference purposes. You can access this information from other devices like phones, laptops, and computers at a different location. It helps you to create a seamless personal library for use anywhere, including offline. 

2. Scribd

College life means that you have to read materials quality materials from different authors across the world. Scribd brings all the books, articles, and journals you would need to your fingertips. The app has gathered millions of high-quality academic materials in different disciplines to make them accessible to students at varying levels of learning. 

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The app is a preference for students because it allows for easier selection and organization of the materials. You can create a smaller database or library with texts, notes, and books you need for a project or course. The materials are then shared with students and friends on other platforms at will. 

3. EasyBid

Citation is a massive headache for college students. Differentiating between MLA and APA citation formats is a huge challenge for students at different levels. Any student will appreciate help with citations. One of the best apps for students struggling with citations is EasyBid. 

The app allows you to enter information about books and authors for instant generation of a citation. You just choose the desired citation format, and an accurate citation will be generated. It will save time while allowing you to achieve the highest level of accuracy. 

4. Mathway

A lot of students struggle with Math at different levels. Mathway helps students through computations and execution of different formulas. The app will work through the question step-by-step, ensuring that you understand the procedure and also allowing you to score a decent grade. It is free and can be used for math, chemistry, and physics. 

5. Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan helps you to capture a wide range of documents like notes, specimens in the field, and assignments. It captures the documents automatically because it can recognize the edges. The technology saves time, enhances clarity, and allows you only to capture the essential documents. The files are then converted to such formats as PDF for easier storage and sharing. It allows you to sign on the document as well as append new documents onto a larger one. 

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6. Mint

Mint remains a leader in the budgeting processes. It will help you to keep track of your expenses. Mint is easy to use for every student, giving you the perfect user experience. Further, it can categorize entries into credit and debit, making the work easier for you. You have a comprehensive view of your expenses, ensuring that your finances are prudently used. With knowledge of where your funds are going, you will avoid money-related stress while in college. 

7. Grammarly 

College work involves a lot of writing. The writing must be free of errors to guarantee clarity and avoid misinterpretation. Grammar ensures that your work is grammatically correct and sensible for readers. It also helps you to avoid duplication of words, a habit that weakens your arguments.

8. Copyscape 

The education system abhors plagiarism. Most of the students are caught unaware because of long citations. Copyscape highlights the plagiarized areas and the sources so that you can rectify the problem. 

Apps should make your daily life more convenient. With numerous free apps, your college experience will be an enjoyable one. Apps are one of the tricks to maintain an organized life.