5 Educational Technology Tools That Are Transforming the Classroom

5 Educational Technology Tools That Are Transforming the Classroom

Over 74% of teachers in the United States want tech in their classrooms.

The benefits of having access to educational technology tools in schools are many. Teachers have said it expands on lesson content, unlike outdated textbooks. Technology tools not only motivate students to learn, but they also give teachers different learning styles to help struggling students.

Educators must figure out how to deliver information that students can digest. Educational technology tools for students provide a means to do this.

Technology enables innovative ways to teach. Read on to learn more about educational technology tools that are transforming classrooms across the country.

5 Educational Technology Tools

High-tech advancements have ushered in a new era of learning. As such, technology tools for teaching now plays a vital role in facilitating communication between educators and their students.

1. InsertLearning

A technology tool that lets you take any page on the Internet and transform it into a lesson.

InsertLearning is an extension you add to your Chrome browser. With it, you can highlight text, add notes, insert questions for students to answer (multiple choice or open-ended), embed videos, and much more. After an InsertLearning lesson is finished, educators can assign it to entire classes through the use of a special code or Google Classroom. All responses are sent to a dashboard, thus allowing teachers to grade the lesson plan within the app.

2. ClassDojo

ClassDojo builds a digital classroom community. Its underlying goal is to improve student behavior and involve parents. Teachers can share announcements, videos, and photos, either with the entire group or make it private and for parents only. ClassDojo also lets teachers generate groups and give students feedback with real-time notifications, like ‘+1’ or personalized messages.

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3. Interactive Periodic Table of Elements

The Periodic Table is a staple lesson of every science class. However, it’s also a struggle to maintain student interest in learning a bunch of element names, their abbreviations, and number. With an interactive periodic table, students can more easily view the information they need by using a filter to sort by metals, nonmetals, physical states, group, period, and more.

4. Guided Learning Platform

Designed to replace outdated textbooks, Guided Learned is a learning interface and reporting platform. It assists with reading comprehension and retention and offers interactive content to students. Teachers are able to track a student’s progress in real-time and assess individual comprehension of the material.

5. Kahoot!

An educational platform rooted in games and questions, Kahoot! has questionnaires, discussions, and surveys. This tool aims to make learning fun through games, increasing student engagement. Teachers create a learning game or trivia quiz, then display it on a big screen for the entire class to see. Students, either individually or as teams, then join the game with a PIN and score points by answering correctly.

Transform Learning With Educational Tools

Advanced tools now hold the ability to help transform a student’s path to success. They make the educational journey easier and more diverse.

By integrating educational technology tools into the classroom, student engagement rises. Check out our other articles on educational technology tools for students to discover other ways to drive success for the future.