A review of buying hero 8 GoPro’s signature latest black action camera


GoPro is a leading action camera maker and they want to compete with the top end smart phones. Since the era, they came into survival. But, now with the latest launch of their Hero 8 black action flagship camera, it becomes a matchless product. This latest GoPro Hero 8 provides a 360 shooting competence and also build it seems to be a most attractive. The GoPro has also assured that this flagship stays on the top and also takes its complete wow factor. This company has kept a plenty of interesting features limited to its GoPro Hero 8 black. Definitely, other cameras in the market are not like hero 8; because it has a lot of unique features over other brands and models. To take one step ahead, GoPro has turned this Hero 8 black a precise device for vloggers with some of its excellent features.

The initial step towards this invention is simply by enhancing the video stabilization to an extent that you will possibly need to get free from your gimbals. A motion time lapse and time warp has also been included to make the impressive videos. Now, you can also even record the videos in 9:16 orientation for Snap chat videos and Instagram stories. This orientation padlock supports from unintentionally modifying the aspect ratio and direction as well. But one thing that has built a massive difference for vloggers is an addition of a front facing micro phone. This latest microphone is not only enhancing the audio quality enormously, but also slashes the ambient noise and wind to an extent, which has not viewed before on any such compact camera. Even the capturing reactions you have seen in the existing cameras are not like hero 8; because it is very fun.

If you really wish to prefer GoPro with your audio and video quality, now GoPro has built escalating the exterior devices super easy. Actually, this Hero 8 is invented along with its latest mod system. These modes are fixed straightforwardly to a camera. The prime media mod includes a directional micro phone, HDMI video output, a 3.5mm mic port; a display mod adds the front facing color LCD and dual cold shoes. Moreover, there is a light mod available that can be a battery powered LED light. It just slides into one of the cold shoe escalates on a media mod. They could not trial out these mods so distant, but these options are best sufficient reason for you to advance to this Hero 8 black action camera from your existing one.

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New excellent features in Hero 8 black camera

The features that you have seen in existing camera are not like hero 8, because it is totally different than the previous one. Some of its excellent features are given below:

  • Lens is two times more crash resistant
  • Smaller and more streamlined design
  • Live burst and night lapse support
  • Changing batteries and swapping mounts have been built even quicker
  • Enhanced hyper smooth 2.0 stabilization and time warp 2.0 time lapse
  • Optional display mod multiplies run time 2.5 x
  • Modify simply between lens FOV with wide, narrow, linear and super view modes
  • Media mod option can include more audio and lighting and also another screen
  • Slow motion up to 1080p240 and stability enhancements

Software advances

GoPro persists to utilize the same picture sensor for the Hero 8 black as you have already seen in the previous model. Still, the software enhancements display the immense enhancement in the video and picture quality. Now, the colors are truer to existence than before. Moreover, the GoPro has handled to minimize the alteration in an ultra extensive video and picture models. This highly enables you to capture a lot into your frame without even creating your subject gaze creepy. Its video quality is also more enhanced with stabilization available even for 4000 footage at 60fps. Furthermore, the GoPro has handled to offer this Hero 8 black action camera with much required fire power to continue at its flagship guarantee. But still, this camera has some limitations in the low light, but provides you sufficient choices that you can utilize it efficiently not only for action shots, but also for simply capturing your holiday experience or vlogging. Finally, the GoPro has also included the escalating clips inside the camera that means you can plunk the exterior cage and now can have a sharper and tinier appearing GoPro.

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The GoPro Hero 8 black camera also supports up to UHD 4K video resolutions, super slow motion video and time lapse up to 1080p 240 slow motion videos. However, the pictures can be captured up to 12MP resolution in ruptures of up to 30 pictures per second with an updated super image with HDR support, which highly assists to minimize the blur and also improve specify in low light conditions. In addition, you can get the competent night lapse features to shoot and create up to 4K time lapses at dark place. The presence of live burst function enables you to record 1.5 seconds after and before your image to offer you many choices for a great frame. The choices of lens field of view have also been updated to four modes such as super view at 15.1mm, linear at 24.4mm, narrow and wider at 16.5mm. As like predecessor, this Hero 8 black also supports the direct streaming to Facebook live as well.


Overall, the GoPro Hero 8 has a more dramatic and punchier look. In detail, it is a completely excellent camera to use. Its highlights are almost blown out. It has an amazingly graded appearance and its footage seems more cinematic and lively. Moreover, this GoPro has able to move the major mic to its front of a camera simply beneath the lens. Surely, this black action camera has the stunning and nicest sound for any GoPro since before its previous version. Hence, it is a noticeable enhancement.