IPhone Keeps Disconnecting From WiFi: Why Is It Giving Trouble?

iphone keeps disconnecting from wifi

Whether you have a Wi-Fi connection or use mobile data, nobody likes it when their iPhone keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi. It is truly frustrating and can even hamper work. You might have to send an important mail from your phone, and if the Wi-Fi disconnects suddenly, it can cause you issues. If you intend to fix this issue fast and by yourself, keep reading. We will give you all the possible solutions that can help you when your iPhone keeps disconnecting from WiFi.

iphone keeps disconnecting from wifi

Why is iPhone keeps disconnecting from WiFi?

There can be two probable reasons why your iPhone keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi. Either the fault lies in your router or in your iPhone. In this article, we will give you solutions for both situations.

If the problem is with your router:

Often times your router might have issues. That can lead to your phone not being able to connect to the Wi-Fi. There are multiple solutions to this.

Restart the router

Restarting your router is one of the most basic ways to fix the Wi-Fi issue. Hence, it is the first one you can try. Simply unplug the router and wait for fifteen seconds before plugging it back in. If the issue with your router was basic, this should fix it, and then your iPhone can connect to the Wi-Fi.


Update the router

One might forget to update their router, and that might cause the iPhone keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi. Sometimes routers update on their own, and then you need not worry. But if yours needs you to update it, make sure you update it on time. Now when your iPhone keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi, check if there’s a new update. You can do that by going to the router’s control panel on a browser or accessing it from its mobile app. Once you see that there is an update available, update your router. In case there aren’t any updates, and you know your router does not update automatically, it means your router is old. It cannot pick up updates, and thus it’s time you get a new one.

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If these don’t fix the problem, it’s probably your phone that is at fault. Try the next few options in that case:

iphone keeps disconnecting from wifi

If problem is with your iPhone

In case it is your iPhone that is causing the Wi-Fi problem, there are multiple solutions to this as well.

Turn off your iPhone

Again, this is a very basic action. Whenever there is an issue with internet connectivity, you are advised to turn off your phone and turn it on again. That usually fixes the problem. Hence, please turn your phone off and turn it back on after a few seconds. In case this doesn’t fix the issue either, and the problem becomes more serious, you might need to do more than that that; keep reading.

Forget the Wi-Fi network and reconnect

If your iPhone keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi, another thing you can do is forget the network and then reconnect to it. To do this, you have to go to the settings on your iPhone, go to Wi-Fi and then tap on the network you’re connected to. Then you need to click the ‘Forget This Network’ option. Once you have done that, you will be taken back to the general Wi-Fi screen, and you need to select the same network and join it. You have to reconnect to your Wi-Fi in simple words. Hence, you need to give your password and see if it connects and if the connection is strong enough.

Reset network settings

It is always better to start fresh whenever there are issues like your iPhone keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi. We recommend you reset your phone’s network settings. The process is very simple. Go to settings on your iPhone, select general, and scroll down until you find ‘Transfer’ or ‘Reset.’ Tap on it and then further tap on ‘Reset.’ You will need to put your phone’s passcode to confirm the reset. Once you’ve done that, your phone will restart. Worry not. None of your information will be lost.

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Reset your iPhone

This is sort of a last resort you can try in case every other option fails, as this will remove all the information from your phone. Besides, we suggest you back up all your information before you reset your phone. Resetting your phone basically takes care of any software-related issues and most probably will fix your Wi-Fi-related issues.

In order to reset your iPhone, follow the next steps:

  • Open settings on your iPhone
  • Tap on your Apple ID
  • Select iCloud on your Apple ID
  • Then scroll down to select the option ‘Cloud Backup.’
  • Once your cloud is backed up, tap on your Apple ID again and sign out.
  • You will be required to give your password before tapping ‘Tap off’ and confirm your signing out.
  • Now go back to the General section of your settings and scroll down to ‘Reset’, and tap on it.
  • Now you will be asked to erase all content and settings which you have to allow.
  • Finally, you have to provide your passcode to confirm the action and then tap on ‘Erase’ to make sure your phone erases all the information.
  • Once your device is done erasing the information, it will reset and remove any issues.

In case none of these options help you solve your iPhone keeps disconnecting from the Wi-Fi issue, contact Apple for support.

iphone keeps disconnecting from wifi

Final Thoughts

This is where we will end the blog about what to do if your iPhone keeps disconnecting from WiFi. We hope our suggestions have helped you in solving your concern.

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