Deepak Chahar Girlfriend: Did The Two Get Married?

deepak chahar girlfriend

Having a busy life but taking time out of it is also a task. But for your loved ones, you can make time whenever you want. You just need to have your priorities set, and then it is also a simple way. Like that, even a popular celebrity does find time for his loved one. He did not fail to show his love and made sure that all of his loved ones became a part of his new beginning.

Deepak Chahar, the Indian Cricket team baller, has been getting success over success. Played the world cup match against India’s oldest and all-time rival Pakistan. His career has been in the flow, and now he has taken a turn which his fans are looking forward to.

deepak chahar girlfriend

What is the current situation between Deepak Chahar and his girlfriend?

Not so long ago, the lovers got engaged to each other. It was the prettiest proposal that could have been witnessed. Deepak Chahar, after his match in the last IPL match against Kings XI Punjab, made the beautiful proposal.

Deepak Chahar proposed to her in front of the entire stadium. And they both enjoyed the day by sharing their love with the world.

deepak chahar girlfriend

What is Deepak Chahar girlfriend name?

It has been very well known by everyone by this time who is his girlfriend. The famous cricketer or the well-known baller of the Indian cricket team is dating a woman named Jaya Bharadwaj. She is known to be working as a businesswoman back in Delhi. The company she has been working for is unknown yet.

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Jaya Bharadwaj’s family background

There is not much about her family. But it has been heard that she is related to Siddharth Bharadwaj. He was among the contestants in MTV Spitsvilla and was also a part of Big Boss. That is all known about her family information.

When did the two get engaged?

After the last match of Chennai Super Kings with Kings XI Punjab, Deepak Charar ran to the stadium where Jaya Bharadwaj was standing. It was in October 2021 IPL match. He declared that Jaya Bharadwaj had turned out to be his lucky charm. And he looks forward to having her in her life.

Jaya Bharadwaj among the crow accepted the proposal, and both celebrated with the team and everyone.

Who from Deepak Chahar’s family were present during the proposal?

Deepak Chahar was seen celebrating with two of his family members as well. One was his cousin, Rahul Chahar, and the other was his sister, elder than him, Malti Chahar. Rahul is playing in the Indian Cricket team as well and has been representing Mumbai Indians in IPL. At the same time, Malti is known to be an actor as well as a model. Both of them were present in the stadium and were congratulating the newly engaged couple with warm hugs.

deepak chahar girlfriend

What is Deepak Chahar’s Age?

Deepak has been playing for the Indian Cricket Team for quite some years. But as many of the team have been getting married, Deepak Chahar’s time has come as well. He is just 29 years old and has decided to tie the knot with the love of his life. It is known that they have dating for the past two to three years.

And imagining Jaya Bharadwaj as his lucky charm, Deepak Chahar does not want to delay the knot anymore. Now the newly engaged couple are known to be married as well. Many were waiting for the date of their marriage.

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When did Deepak Chahar and Jaya Bharadwaj get married?

Recently, the couples tied their knot officially as well. Both Deepak Chahar and his girlfriend Jaya Bharadwaj were looking so happy. Both tied the knot on June 2nd itself and had arranged the reception for June 3rd of, 2022. It was the happiest day for the couple, and so did the family enjoy. The families welcomed the couple with open arms and had a grand wedding in Delhi.

Deepak Chahar’s Instagram

Soon after the proposal, Deepak Chahar made it public as well. He made sure all of his well-wishers knew about his decision. His captions for the posts also feel meant by heart. He has been really open about his feelings and makes sure his girlfriend is known to others. The couples are trending on social media and have posted their wedding shots as well.

From “picture says it all” during proposing to “special moment,” Deepak Chahar’s fans are getting to witness all of it. With the help of Instagram, everyone is getting to witness a love story and look forward to knowing more about the couple.

Deepak Chahar’s wedding viral video

There was one particular video that reached most of them during the wedding. Deepak Chahar’s family was seen dancing and enjoying the most during the Haldi ritual. The beats of the Punjabi music made the entire guests dance to the beat and made the video go viral on social media. Especially people enjoyed seeing Rahul Chahar doing Punjabi beat dance to the music being played at the ceremony.

Final Thoughts

Seeing Deepak Chahar’s love story, everyone would feel like proposing to their loved ones or being proposed to. It is quite a like fairy tale. Seeing both of them entering a new stage of life, there are blessings rushing from Deepak Chahar’s well-wishers. Everyone is fond of the couple and is looking forward to more posts on social media to witness their love.

A new journey of their life, and even you would be happy listening to their love story. Hope you got the information you have been looking for. Here in this blog, all the information relating to Deepak Chahar girlfriend was given as much as possible. Share this blog with those who want to know about Deepak Chahar’s girlfriend as well!