Pumpkin Flavor of Love: Everything You Need To Know!

pumpkin flavor of love

Pumpkin flavor of love: Since you have stumbled upon this article and are obviously interested, we assume that you know about the show Flavour of Love. Or perhaps you’ve heard of the show either is possible as it was one of the most popular entertainment shows in the early 2000s. But even if you’re here just because you’re a fan of reality dating shows, we have something amazing for you! We will tell you all about Flavor of Love in this article. And more importantly, we will tell you about one of the most popular contestants on the show. So keep reading the article to find out more.

pumpkin flavor of love

Flavor of love

This was a reality dating show. Well, there’s more to it. In this show, twenty women competed against each other to win over Flavor Flav, the rapper. By winning over, we mean to make him fall in love with them. And that could obviously be only one woman.

How they compete, you ask? The twenty women participated in a series of challenges to get dates with Flavor Flav. And then, towards the end of the season, Flavor Flav had to pick the girl he fell in love with and wanted t to marry. Now, this kind of show was not something totally unheard of. A lot of shows started in the early 2000s with similar formats. Some people have found real love on these reality shows, and some have not. It all depends on your luck and the people you meet.

Many people have said that it is unfair for people to compete for love while others love the drama of the show. We think that it depends on perspective, and everyone is allowed to have their opinions about the show. But to be very honest, it was a very entertaining show.

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Getting to further details about the show, each contestant was called by a nickname. No, they were not addressed by their real name for the duration of the show. Flavor Flav gave each of them a nickname that they had to be addressed for the entirety of their presence in the show. The only time viewers would get to know the real names of participants was when they got eliminated. Now some of these names were New York, Liz, Hoopz, Pumkin, etc.

We are going to talk about Pumkin in this article.

pumpkin flavor of love

Pumpkin flavor of love

Pumkin was a contestant on Flavor of Love season 1. Her real name was Brooke Thompson. And she also happened to be the third runner-up at the finale of the first season.

Pumkin is famous for what she did when she was eliminated. She became popular for apparently spitting on another contestant, New York, on finding out that she had been eliminated. New York was chosen for the last part of the show while Pumkin wasn’t. This was the only possible reasoning behind Pumpkin’s sudden outrage. After the episode aired, everyone came to know her for just that reason. She didn’t have much of a happening season until that point. But her act at the finale made her popular.

But no one really knew the actual reason behind her spitting on New York, aka Tiffany Pollard. People just saw the episode and assumed the worst of her. They thought that she had reacted beyond proportions, and thus she got sort of negative publicity. But publicity nonetheless because viewers loved the drama.

However, in a later interview, Brooke is known to have said that the whole incident was a planned one. And no feelings were hurt. Apparently, the authorities had told her about her elimination before. Hence, she wasn’t surprised when it happened on-screen. But producers had apparently asked her to do something drastic and dramatic to give the season a big-ending. And had themselves suggested the spitting incident. That I’d how all that played out, it was just another planned scene. I’m a reality show. And these things aren’t really new in the reality TV industry. Planned scenes are often made to look unplanned to give audiences that shock and drama.

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The producers were so successful in creating such an epic ending that Pumkin, aka Brooke, and New York, aka Tiffany won the Best Fight Award at the Fox Reality Awards in 2006.

Pumpkin Flavor of Love current life

Pumkin and everybody involved in that episode have moved on in their lives. It’s been years since that happened, and each contestant now, along with Flavor Flav has totally different life. Pumkin, after her elimination from the show, participated in the other spin-offs of the show that followed. Moreover, she was also seen on an episode of Family Feud. So, she stayed in the television show industry for some time before starting her own business of apparel.

 She might have moved on from her big scene on television, but she did not completely forget it. It is kind of cool and even humorous that she named her clothing line Pumkin Apparel. What is even hilarious is that she added another Pumkin touch to her business. She happened to have a shirt in her collection that read, “Pumkin spit on me and I like it….”

We don’t believe that Brooke did that to hurt sentiments; rather she incorporated that little detail to show that she is still celebrating her iconic television moment. And one had to admit that it’s really clever yet funny.

pumpkin flavor of love

Final Thoughts

Coming to the end of this blog, we hope you have enjoyed reading about Pumpkin Flavor of Love. It is so amazing that a shoe made so many years ago is still being talked about. If you happen to be a lover of television drama, we recommend you watch the show. And let us know what you thought of the blog in the comments below.

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