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When I first used to the Internet, I thought it is simple, helpful, and exciting without any risk or danger. But after inquiring more about the IP address, data, personal information, etc., I wondered if I was being spied on or tracked.

The Internet has become more dangerous than you think; people try to capture your IP address for their purposes while you don’t even know. So how to hide the IP address for your safety and privacy? Here are 5 simple ways to follow. Check it now!

1. Use a VPN Software

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which is like a mask for your real IP address. It is a service of the 3rd party who provides you a second unreal IP address for accessing the Internet. So what are the advantages of this service?

# Hide your IP address

# Allow accessing to any website (because you are anonymous) 

# The exciting part for Netflix or Hulu fans is that they can visit these websites without being blocked or needing any permission

# Encrypt the traffic on your Internet

How does it work?

And this is how the VPN service works. After setting up for VPN connection, your actual IP address connects directly to VPN, and VPN service provides you the second IP address. Now, all the traffic will be tunneled through a private network and only link to your second IP address. As a reason, no administrators can see your real address and then, cannot block you from accessing their website.

Below is the list of top 5 VPN service for your reference:


  • Express VPN – Expressvpn.com
  • NordVPN – Nordvpn.com
  • Cyberghost VPN – Cyberghostvpn.com
  • IPVanish – IPVanish.com
  • Surfshark – Surfshark.com

2. Use the TOR


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What is TOR?

TOR was named after a software project “The Onion Router”, which is to create a free, worldwide, a volunteered-operated network consisting of many relays. These relays are to hide users’ location and usage from other organizations who want to spy or track the data.

Because there are many relays from server to server, the loading and processing speed is very slow. However, it is still safe since it operates anonymously and allows you to access any website you want.

What to notice about TOR?

TOR is an open-source software and widely accessible for anonymous communication so that it may be a center of Internet criminal activities. Some bad people use it to make illegal transactions, money laundering, identity fraud, or payment for drugs and weapons.

If you want to use TOR, be careful, and stay out of the Government’s notice.

3. Use a proxy

What is a proxy server?

A proxy server is an Internet server which stands out to be an intermediary for users’ requests from other servers. It receives all the requests from clients such as a file, document, web page, or another resource on the Internet, then evaluates, controls, and provides the desired information back to those clients. As a reason, it may take much time till the clients get the required things they want. 

What can a proxy server do?

This is the most exciting part: what a proxy can do for you.

#1. It allows you to get access to any proxy servers in the world

Just recall the latest time you cannot access a website. What is that website? Now, connect to the proxy server, and you will see the amazing thing.  

#2. It enables you to access a geo-blocked website 

Are you a fan of Netflix? If you are, then you may be struggling to find the way to access this fantastic website. This is no longer your problem because now you have a proxy server.

However, proxies are not as strongly secure as VPN. They are also not as fast as VPN because they have an intermediary stage to receive and process the information. You should also be careful since you cannot avoid the eyes of the Internet Service Provider, Government agencies, or other hackers if they put you into their “blacklist”.

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4. Use Mobile Internet Data

This sounds funny, but it still works. You can connect to another IP address from your cell phone and hide your actual IP address from your computer.

First, register a package of 4G Internet Data from your Network Service Provider. Then, turn off the Wi-Fi connection, and turn on the hotspot, set up a password for your hotspot device. Return to your laptop, access the Wi-Fi connection that comes from your phone, enter the password, and start using data.

It is helpful for temporary usage, but it is not convenient in the long run. Moreover, it can be a problem if a group of hackers, unfortunately, attacks your IP.

5. Use public Wi-Fi (Not recommend)

Using free Wi-Fi at a coffee shop, library, restaurant, etc…, makes your life easier. Nowadays, most people cannot live without their phones and Wi-Fi. Their need for updated, hot, and live news becomes higher and higher that they mostly look at their phones whenever they could. Wi-Fi is now nearly like the air and water.

Of course, you will have another IP address when connecting to a free Wi-Fi outside. You can also access any websites you want. However, it is not comfortable to access Wi-Fi in public. Why?

#1. “Public” means that everyone is accessible, which makes the loading time longer due to the high traffic.

#2. Public Wi-Fi is run by a company, agency, or organizer. They can do some simple methods to acquire your personal information such as doing a survey, or making basic questions. If you want to access, you have to fill the survey form, which means you are providing your information to that organizer. 

In short

Do you feel less worried after reading this? This is only one of the very first steps to protect yourself from the danger of the Internet nowadays. These five simple methods to hide your IP address help you decrease the possibility of being tracked, blocked, or attacked anonymously on the Internet. While the Internet has become more and more complicated, equipping yourself with knowledge, skills, and information makes perfect preparation.