The Latest Tech Trends in Japan

Tech Trends in Japan

The Japanese has had a national obsession with all things technological for generations. Not only was the nation one of the first, in the late 1800s by the way, to build a vast infrastructure of electric railways, but it was the prime mover of the technological revolution in the computer industry during the 1980s. Today, things aren’t much different in Japan. In this article, you will get to know about the Latest Tech Trends in Japan.

Only the areas of enthusiasm among investors, designers, IT experts, and government agencies has changed. For instance, current trends include a push to perfect the science of weather forecasting via artificial intelligence, a huge increase in scientific methods for investing in the securities markets, special architectural designs that help prevent damage from earthquakes, advanced robotics, and more. Here’s an overview of Japan’s top IT and other tech-related trends in Japan for the 2020s.

Climate Prediction Programs

Japan has long been interested in climate prediction. Perhaps it’s because the nation’s people are uniquely subject to the havoc wreaked by tropical storms, volcanoes, earthquakes, tidal waves, and urban pollution. The nation’s islands are situated in such a way that knowing weather patterns in advance can mean saving thousands of lives and protecting homes and other assets. The government has worked closely with industry to build predictive statistical programs for weather forecasting that have the potential to pinpoint the location of severe storms, damaging winds, hurricanes, and earthquakes.

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Personal Online Investing

Individuals have taken to at-home investing and are currently demanding more access to advanced programs and services, which Japan’s financial industry is working hard to provide. For example, the proliferation of online platforms means that cryptocurrency trading by private citizens is at an all-time high, with many working adults spending several hours per week buying and selling crypto. While crypto trading is on the rise among investors all over the world, Japan’s situation is unique in that the nation leads the world in the percentage of households that have more than one desktop computer. And, as cryptocurrency market leaders like bitcoin and ethereum continue to build mainstream credibility, this kind of financial activity in Japan and elsewhere will likely continue to rise, unabated, for the next several years.

Seismic Isolation Tech

Unfortunately, the nation’s major cities have been victimized by one of nature’s most destructive events, earthquakes. The good news is that Japanese scientists have been hard at work, with the help of AI and advanced computer prediction models to build all sorts of quake-resistant structures. A new category of tech called SIT (seismic isolation technology) allows architects to design buildings that can withstand even the harshest quakes and protect people and assets inside the specialized structures.

All Things Robotic

Since the early days of industrial robotics, the Japanese scientific community has led the world in conceptual design, planning, construction, and practical use of robots. Nowadays, in a global economy where nearly every automobile is largely constructed by highly advanced robotic equipment, Japan’s robotics manufacturers supply the world with the best devices in this fast-growing industrial category. Consider the fact that Japan was also the first nation that build a factory, run completely by robotic machines, that constructs other robots for export.