Gangubai Kathiawadi Real Story

Behind everything or every person you might have come across, they all have a story. But has good memories and some have bad ones. But for some people, fate just changes with time. Thinking of leading something big and ending up in the worst-case scenario. Well, no one thinks of that. And neither do they plan that.

Like that, one such lady who once saw big dreams ended up in her worse. But nothing stopped her. Gangubai Kathiawadi brought out the best for her and her colleagues. The goddess-like figure and the motherly figure for many. She did go through a lot, but she stopped the reign of terror and worked for the well-being of the sex workers. Learn more about Gangubai Kathiawadi real story!

Roots of Gangubai Kathiawadi Real Story

The name itself suggests the place name. Gangubai was once known as Ganga Harjeevandas. She knew how to read and write and was well off. Her father was a barrister in Kathiawad of Gujarat.

The only fault of Ganga was she saw dreams. She saw Dev Anand on the white screen and wanted to become an actress. This small little dream made her go through wonders which turned Ganga into Gangubai.

How did Ganga leave Kathiawad?

The 16year old Ganga was blinded by love. And then she got married off to her then-lover from Kathiawad Ramnik Lal. He knew about Ganga’s dream to become an actress in Bollywood. He promised and took her off to the city of dreams, Mumbai. But after some days, he scammed her. He sold her off in a brothel just for 1000rs.

Ganga did not realize anytime soon. But when she realized this, it was too late. The person whom she had the most faith in, sold her off for money.

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Journey from Ganga to Gangubai

Definitely not an easy one! She did suffer, but sooner than later, she accepted her faith. She then made sure to make Kamathipufra her home. She accepted it as her job. And understanding what the other sex workers were going through.

And soon, she started working for the well-being of the girls in Kamathipura. Not only that, she led the sex workers to a better-off place. And made history after history. And most iconic was that one entire day the sex workers had an off, which never had happened before.

And thus, with her thinking and work, the sex-workers of Kamathipura name her Gangubai after Ganga.

How is Gangubai related to Karim Lala

A very interesting story is going to start now. While working in her prime years, one man came to the doors of Kamathipura and wanted the then Ganga. But the person was not a normal one. He raped Gangu not once but twice. He was worse than an animal.

Gangu took the matters in her hand and went off to Karim Lala. He was the then ruler of Kamathipura and also a drug dealer. The man who raped her was a man of Karim Lala. He understood the matter and promised Gangu that no one would ever hurt her. In return, Gangu tied rakhi on his hand. And he took her in as her sister.

And then, with the blessings of Karim Lala, Kamathipura came under Gnagu, and Gnagi became Gnagubai Kathiawadi.

How did Gangubai come to be known among the Mafia Queens of Mumbai?

With the blessings of Karim Lala, Gangubai took over some of their illegal businesses of Karim Lala. And ran the business successfully, making more and more profits. This business, apart from running a brothel, made her popular and, according to Hussain Zaidi, made her count among the Mafia Queens of Mumbai.

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Under Karim Lala, she took over 25% of the illegal business to add on to more money for the brothels.

Good deeds of Gangubai Kathiawadi

It is so known that till now, Kamathipura worships Gangubai. She is nothing less than a God indeed. She worked for the well-being of the sex workers in Kamathipura and also looked after the orphans. What brothel was known for exactly? Gangu changed that? Gangubai understood the pain of the ladies or sex workers staying there. And never forced anyone to be a sex worker.

She made sure the kids of the brothel got an education and fought for their rights. Not only that, she met the Prime Minister. Then, Jawaharlal Nehru got the rights that the sex workers deserve. She very well knew how the brothels were seen, and so old Kamathipura started worshipping Gangubai Kathiawadi for standing up for the life of the sex workers.

She believed Kamathipura was her home and the people staying there were her family. For some, she was a sister, for some friends, for some mother, and for some God-like figure. It is true that because of her, only the sex workers living in Kamathipura still exist and get the rights they deserve.

To date, people there remember her and have her statue as well as posters. She will never be forgotten. And she, along with her attire, made a print in everyone’s mind. That white saree of hers, along with a big bindi over her forehead. It was like the Gangu style back then.

Final Thoughts

Over the years, Kamathipura has seen a lot. But back in the 50s and 60s, when Gangu came, it had quite a huge impact. Both on the well-being, condition as well as outlook of the people on the sex workers.

Gnagubai Kathiawadi has seen a lot inside of Kamathipura, and till her last breath, she spent there. She made it her home and accepted her fate. But she was well determined to make her own fate after that.

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