Can Cats Eat Sweet Potato

Can Cats Eat Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are a healthy staple food. They contain a good amount of vitamins A, B, and C with anticancer and antioxidant properties. Cat owners who care about their cats may think, Can cats eat sweet potato?

Luckily, sweet potatoes can serve both humans and pets. Humans have a different digestive system than cats. So cats can’t eat sweet potatoes in the same way and quantity as humans do. Also, there is a certain process for feeding sweet potatoes to cats.

This article will tell you how sweet potatoes can be good and bad for cats and how you should feed them.

What Is A Sweet Potato?

A sweet potato falls into the category of starchy vegetables and is highly nutritious. It contains vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, niacin, carbs, fibre, magnesium, etc. It also has antioxidant and anticancer properties that can boost the immune system.

The soluble fibre in sweet potatoes improves gut health, and the beta-carotene promotes healthy vision. In short, a sweet potato can do wonders to give anyone a healthy body.

Can Cats Eat Sweet Potato?

As sweet potatoes offer immense health benefits, cat owners may think of feeding them to their cats. Well, there is nothing wrong with cats eating sweet potatoes. In fact, they can be beneficial for them, as sweet potatoes contain multiple nutrients.

Can Cats Eat Sweet Potato

A sweet potato is a staple food for humans and beneficial for the human body. It may not be as beneficial to cats as you expect. So whenever you treat your cat as a sweet potato, make sure the quantity is less or moderate.

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Benefits Of Eating Sweet Potatoes For Cats

If your cat is suffering from constipation, a sweet potato can be beneficial for her. It is rich in fibre, which helps to soften stool and maintain a regular bowel movement.

Sweet potatoes have ample amounts of nutrients, like vitamins and minerals. They aid in improving the immune system and overall health.

Risks Of Eating Sweet Potatoes For Cats

Eating sweet potatoes can be risky for cats if taken in an excessive amount. For example, your cat can have diarrhoea, constant vomiting, etc. In most cases, sweet potatoes can lead to obesity or unhealthy weight gain.

We humans eat sweet potatoes with toppings like salt, garlic, and onion. You can’t add toppings to the sweet potato that you will be feeding your cat as they can create stomach issues for pets.

How To Feed Sweet Potatoes To Cats?

No doubt, sweet potatoes offer several health benefits to the human body. They can also be beneficial for cats if you correctly feed them.

  • Wash the sweet potato first with clean water and remove its peel.
  • If there is any discoloured area or roots attached, cut them off. They contain harmful solanines.
  • Chop the potatoes into little pieces so that your cat can gulp them easily.
  • Roast the pieces of potato on medium heat. (Don’t add any extra ingredients.)

When Can Cats Eat Sweet Potato?

Although sweet potatoes won’t leave any side effects on cats if taken in a moderate quantity, you must know the right way to feed them. For instance, don’t let your cat eat more than one sweet potato. Also, make sure not to add any extra spicing, topping, or flavour. Cats’ digestive systems are different from humans’ digestive systems. So don’t feed them as you tend to eat.

Can Cats Eat Sweet Potato

The sweet potato that you will be feeding to your cats must be peeled first and then roasted. The more the potato is bland, the more it is better for the cat. Most importantly, you must feed sweet potatoes to your cat after consulting with your vet. For example, if your cat does not have a good health record, your vet may not allow you to feed sweet potatoes to your cat.

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Can Cats Eat Raw Potato?

Cats cannot eat raw potatoes, as they can be toxic to them. Raw potatoes have a poisonous substance called solanine. When cats intake it, they go through numerous stomach issues and abdominal pain. Such as lethargy, diarrhoea, and vomiting.

Can Cats Eat Boiled Potato?

Like raw potatoes, boiled potatoes also have the toxic ingredient solanine, which is not good for cats. Hence, eating boiled potatoes is going to be as harmful as eating raw potatoes for them.

Frequently Asked Questions: Can Cats Eat Sweet Potato?

How much sweet potato can you give to your cat?

Your cat can take sweet potatoes, which should be 5 to 10% of her daily meal. Besides, she should eat sweet potatoes occasionally, from one to two tablespoons.

Is sweet potato safe for dogs and cats?

Sweet potatoes are safe for both dogs and cats. Thanks to its vitamins and minerals that give proper nutrients to humans and animals. However, pets should eat sweet potatoes occasionally in smaller quantities.

Can cats eat vegetables?

Some vegetables are safe for cats to eat. Such as carrots, steamed broccoli, cucumber, peas, and asparagus. Although they are safe for cats to eat, they should eat them in a limited quantity to avoid stomach issues.

Are there sweet potatoes in cat food?

Some commercial cat foods have sweet potatoes in their ingredients. Sweet potatoes have ample amounts of vitamins, minerals, and fibre, which aid in the digestive system. That’s why manufacturers use them in cat foods to improve cats’ gut health.

Final Thoughts

After knowing the benefits and side effects of sweet potatoes, you may still wonder, Can cats eat sweet potato? You are good to go with feeding sweet potatoes to your cat but make sure it is not more than two tablespoons.

If your cat eats sweet potatoes more than necessary, she may show you some symptoms, like vomiting. In that case, you must take her to your vet as soon as possible. Take his guidance and treat your cat with the prescribed medicines.