How to Write Beautiful Comments and Captions for Couples on Instagram

Captions for Couples

How to Write Beautiful Comments and Captions for Couples on Instagram.

If you are good at writing, you will be good at writing captions for couples and start your Instagram as a writer. Instagram is that platform where people declare their love for one other. In this modern, Instagram posts and captions for couples are said to be the modern declaration of love.

We all have been there when couples constantly post their pictures with captions for couples on Instagram for the world to see. It’s honestly one of the most heart-warming things one can see online. The prospect and sight of budding and prospering love is simple exquisite to see. Given that we are surrounded by couples who give us “couple goals”, one needs to make sure that they comment and say the right things. So, what kind of comments should one give to Instagram couples? Let’s check it out.

Why do couples post pictures on Instagram?

To put it simply, couples want recognition and love. They have enough love for each other, and they do give a lot of it. But there really isn’t any harm in getting some love for the collective either in a creative manner, like studyblr Instagram, no?

I mean think for it yourself, you’d want to scream in front of the world that you two are dating. And would love some validation of your love from the world. Couples know why they love each other; they just want the world to acknowledge it for them. This naturally brings us to what they’d want to hear from you as a follower.

What do they want to hear from you?

Now listen, this is a bit tricky. Couples aren’t looking for lectures or slides on how they SHOULD love each other. They want validation for the choices they made in life. For all the viewers they choose to open their lives in front of, they just want acknowledgment and affection. 

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Think about it, they’re adults. They are sensible enough to make the right decisions about themselves. They are quite aware of the choices and the consequences it will lead to. Therefore, all they want from you is to accept their choices and wish them well for the future ahead. A few words of comfort and well wishes would go a long way. However, this opens a list of things that couples do not want to hear from you. And trust me, it is a comprehensible list which is more important to know before you get to read what they do want to hear.

What do couples not want to hear?

Now this is very important. Before finding out what couples want to hear, you must know what they don’t want to hear. 

  1. They don’t want you talking about their future, like marriage and kids. This is their private matter and they do not want you talking about it in front of the world!
  2. Do not share any intimate details. Couples only share it with you because they trust you to keep it to yourself. If you try to share it on Instagram publicly, you should be ashamed honestly.
  3. They don’t want long and tedious advice. Couples know what they plan to do with each other. They’re adults who made a conscious decision to be with each other. The last thing they want is to hear from anyone about what they should or shouldn’t be doing. 
  4. Do NOT CRITICIZE THEM. I mean, it’s their life and their own personal choice. If their choices aren’t bringing any harm in your life, why would you want to criticize them or say any kind of bad words at all?
  5. Do not try to be too intimate with them. It would be best if you kept your messages respectful and do not make any derogatory remarks that are sexual in nature. That is just not cool.
  6. It would be best if you don’t make any comparison between the two. No one’s a keeper or a settler in a relationship. It is a conscious decision the two made with each other. It would be best if you treated them as equals.
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So, what should you comment on Instagram couples?

Now that we’re done discussing what you should not say, let’s discuss what kind comments you can give to couples. Note that, kindness is a common trait in all of them.

  1. “Wish them well. No matter what, wish the couple well when they share their love publicly. It does no one any harm.”, says a love letter writer from Write My Reaction Paper.
  2. Compliment them on how good they look with each other. Whenever you’re with someone, hearing how you two look cute or perfect together is all one wants to hear. It’s always a wholesome thing to hear.
  3. Compliment them on how their love looks so wholesome. Couples really like to hear how they glow with each other. Hearing that your love and affections are so obvious for the world to see is a very nice thing to hear. Couples want to hear that. They’d love nothing else.
  4. Wish them a happy future. Be careful with this one. Do not mention kids, or marriage or moving in together. You do not know where the two are headed right now and are not sure what kind of a future they have decided together. Just wish them well for the future.

Social media goals are now an important part of our lives. Make sure that you allow people to celebrate their lives and be a part of their celebrations as well.