Instagram Pro Tips to Promote Your Personal Brand

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Instagram has gained worldwide prominence in recent years. Every month, the platform records about 1 billion users. When narrowed down to daily usage, Instagram records more than 500 million users. The high population of active users makes the social media platform a suitable tool to propagate ideas and promote brands.

However, to successfully utilize Instagram to promote your personal brand, you need to follow some of the essential tips below.

Be Consistent and Original with Your Posts

To stand out among the multiple brands being promoted on the platform, you need to be original and creative in your postings. Your followers should also recognize you with a specific brand. Hence, you need to be consistent in your posts. When you jump from one theme to another, understanding your brand may become difficult.

Optimize Your Instagram Bio

It is always essential to incorporate an informative and interesting bio in your Instagram account. Ideally, Instagram users will first visit your profile, where you have your bio details before they can click on the follow button. It is, therefore, important to ensure that your bio will motivate a person to follow you.

Your bio should provide clear information about who you are and what you are dealing with. Instagram restricts the number of characters you can use in your bio and is advisable to optimize the limited space to let your potential followers know about what you are dealing with.

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In addition to giving clear information about yourself, you can also try and focus on the customers. Explain to them how your Instagram page will help or motivate them.

Incorporate Your Top Targeted Keywords in the Name Field

Instagram allows you to use a different name other than your surname in the name section. However, most people use their username in their name field. Contrary to popular opinion, you can use one of the keywords relevant to your brand instead. If you use the targeted keywords in the section, you present your posts with better exposure.

When selecting the keywords to include, go for words that your followers might be searching for. You can use words explaining your business or the brand you seek to promote. If you employ the right keywords in the name field, the penetration of your posts among Instagram users will increase significantly.

Always Use High-Quality Visuals

Instagram is an image-based social media platform. Therefore, the quality of the videos and pictures you post should be top-notch. You can only grab the attention of Instagram viewers if you have photo posts that are captivating, unique, and full of personality. Also, you should size your photo for professional quality.

Normally, the Instagram format converts your image square within a 612 × 612 pixels frame. Thus, you should put this limitation into consideration whenever you are selecting an image for an Instagram upload. Just ensure that the photo or video reflects professionalism.

Engage Your Audience

If your Instagram page has gained the need for popularity, how do you translate the following into loyal and paying clients who follow your brand? Customer engagement through bots is critical!

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Instagram contests have also become one of the popular and most effective strategies used in campaigns. Contests ensure that you engage and award your most loyal followers. Aside from running competitions, you should also make sure that you respond to most, if not all, customers’ comments. A simple thank you will make your followers feel valued, and thus motivate them to become more involved and committed to your brand. For automated likes, there are also sites where you can help give images a boost – but don’t go crazy with it.

Incorporate Appropriate Hashtags

Hashtags will expose your brand to new Instagram users. When you use the right hashtag, your product is introduced to more people, including those who do not follow you. With the aid of hashtags, you can introduce and convince people to buy into your brand and like your posts.

As well as hashtags, Quantum Marketer suggests these apps for more likes. Your posts should always have at least one hashtag. You can also add multiple hashtags in your bio. There are various tools that you can use to generate relevant hashtags that will ensure that your product is exposed to a broader population.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is an effective platform when employed to promote various brands. Nonetheless, it is not always an easy task. To successfully use Instagram to improve your personal brand, you need to be authentic, consistent, creative, and be willing to expose your product to more Instagram users through hashtags.