Things You Do Not Know About Printer Ink Cartridges

Things You Do Not Know About Printer Ink Cartridges

We are all used to hearing people’s opinions about printer ink prices but did you know that printer ink is one of the most valuable commodities on the planet due to its price per gallon? Rather than spending time telling you what you do know about ink, we though we’d wow you with some facts that you may never have heard of before today.

Ash and Bone

When ink was first used it was made from ash and bone mixed up to create a permanent ink. This use of ink is more recent than you’d probably expect and even comics like Marvel’s Incredible Hulk used this type of ink before making the move to synthetic ink when bone and ash ink fell out of fashion.

There Are Two Types of Replacement Ink Companies

Many people believe that there is only one type of replacement ink company but there are two! The first type offers you an ink cartridge along with every other printer consumable that you may need – these are non-specialist companies. The other type are specialist ink makers that trade solely in ink. These companies, like Smart Ink, take pride in offering low cost ink that is of the highest quality.

Ink Cartridge Not Empty

Many people believe that when the warning comes on for their ink supply being low that they only have a few pages left. This is not the case and, in some printers, you will find that the printer cartridge is still half full! The reason for the early warning is so that you don’t damage your printer by letting it run out completely.

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Printer Ink Is Valuable

Printer ink is one of the priciest liquids on the planet and can cost up to $7000 per gallon! This goes someway to explain why big names in the printer world often only supply their cartridges half full so that they can maximise their profits.

Some Ink is Edible

With innovation came the invention of edible ink that can be used in printers. This does not mean you can crack open your ink cartridge and enjoy a tasty snack however! You have to buy specific edible ink but it is easy to get hold of meaning that you can print onto icing as well as edible papers to get a beautiful finish to your food prep.

Ink Cartridges Can Be Recycled

Many of us wrongly believe that ink cartridges cannot be recycled but this is a myth! In fact, many ink suppliers state how you can return cartridges to them for recycling. When a printer company receives empty cartridges they just refill and repackage them and then sell them again.

Printer ink cartridges are fascinating things and whether you have one that is filled with ash and bone or something more edible you can be certain that it holds far more interest then people tend to realise! The next time you buy ink take a moment to consider the skill and innovation that stands behind the tiny cartridge that you install in your printer.