Non-Rooted Best Spying App for Android Phone

Non-Rooted Best Spying App for Android Phone

You may have used plenty of android spying apps for digital parenting and as well as for employee monitoring activities. But you have to root the target android device then you will be able to install phone monitoring software. Rooting android means to get the administrative access on the target android cell phone in order to install any third party app. Therefore, people that really want to use the cell phone monitoring app for android they have to root the target mobile phone device of android OS. Now gone are the days when you have to root the android cell phone in order to track for various reasons. It is the time when you can spy on non –android cell phone by using best spying app for android phone. However, question arises how you can get your hands on the non –rooted cell phone tracking app for android.

How to get your hands on the non –rooted best mobile phone spy software?

First and foremost you need to know about the purpose of the usage. Secondly, you should keep in mind you can use the non –rooted phone monitoring app for digital parenting, employee monitoring and to monitor loved ones but with the proper consent. In addition, you cannot use the phone surveillance app on the target device for intrusive and illicit surveillance because am going to introduce you with non –rooted and non-intrusive android monitoring app. However, you need to perform the following steps in order to have it.

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Step1: Subscribe for mobile phone monitoring app for android

The very first step that you need to take is to use your cell phone device browser or PC. Now you need to visit the official website of the cell phone tracking app. Once you are on the web page then you need to subscribe for the phone spy app for android. In return, you will be able to get credentials such as passcode and ID through an email sent to you.

Step2: Get physical access on the target device

It is the time to get possession of the device into your own hands. Furthermore, then you need to get started with the process of installation. The moment you have done it successfully then the next moment you need to activate it on the target device. In addition, you just want to end up with the process of installation you will see a pop –up message on the screen. You can use it or skip, it’s up to you. However, you can use it to hide the non –rooted phone tracking app on the target device.

Step3: Get access to the electronic web portal

Now use the credentials such as passcode and ID and get access to the electronic web portal where you can see plenty of non –rooted phone spy app tools in order to monitor the target device the fullest. Let’s get to know what sort of tools to get your hands on mentioned below.

Non –rooted mobile phone surveillance app tools

Live screen recording

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The end user can easily record the screen activities happen on the target device in real –time using live screen recorder software. It enables the user to make short back to back videos of the screen sent to the online web portal once recorded. You can easily see all the live recorded videos and get to know the activities. The end user can record the screen of the chrome in real –time, social media apps, SMS, email, YouTube, and applied passwords.

IM’s Logs without rooting

It empowers the user to get the logs of all the trendy social messaging apps such as Facebook, Yahoo, WhatsApp, Snapchat and others alike. The end user can get their hands on social media apps logs in terms of text messages, text conversations, and audio-video conversations, shared photos, videos, and Voice messages.

GPS location tracker

You can monitor your target device location and further you can view the location history, weekly location history on the MAP and lastly you can mark safe and restricted areas for the target device.


Gone are the days when the end user usually uses monitor android without rooting. Now you can simply and directly use it on the non –rooted cell phone of Android OS using non –rooted phone surveillance software.