Umeand- A Scheduling Hub For All


Umeand, an online scheduling and collaboration hub, is a one-stop for all business meetings and projects. Founded by Blandine Obale in 2019, Umeand offers its users with a tool to manage the events, meetings, and projects efficiently.

The business plan of Umeand offers additional features for a company to work on. For every work-related project, users can keep track of projects and information all in one place. Users can collaborate on a voice call or hold video conferences altogether. Admins can add attendees by sharing the group page and poll link. Moreover, they can view, share, edit documents all in one place.

Admins can schedule unlimited meetings and keep track of meetings’ attendees. You can also keep track of all meeting documents with document repository in just a click. Umeand serves as a helpful tool for company executives in managing the everyday lives of its workers. With the easy-to-use interface of Umeand, business individuals can easily manage their teams by heading over to the ‘Company Dashboard’. It acts as the central repository for the company. It can be seen by the account owner, Group Admin, and Account Admin. Through the company dashboard, you can create teams and assign a group admin to a team dashboard accordingly. The company dashboard has authoritative rights. It can add or remove admins. Add and delete team dashboards. View all team dashboards. Monitor the number of members on a group page.

The team dashboard is the meeting source where all polls, closed or open, are stored. Members can edit polls, access group pages, share poll links, and surf other pages. Team dashboards can only be accessed by assignment members of the team. Moreover, business Umeand enables businesses to customize their company dashboard. By adding the company logo and adjusting the color themes, a business can customize its interface, giving it a professional outlook.

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Umeand is an up and coming business tool that helps executives deal with the everyday struggle of managing the employees of the company. Umeand was created to extend a hand of help to the business community. Blandine Obale, founder and CEO, saw the struggle of the company executive in scheduling a meeting. The back and forth communication via email made it difficult for executives to actualize a meeting. She founded Umeand to help reduce the excess of time expenditure on simple scheduling. Obale serves as the CEO, while Dhara Pawar works as a product officer and Pierre Pignault as the Sales and Marketing Partner.