Aftermarket Exhaust Guide

Aftermarket Exhaust Guide

There’s nothing quite like the hearty growl of a motorcycle. Whether you have a damaged exhaust or are looking for a way to improve your bike’s horsepower and growl, check out this motorcycle aftermarket exhaust guide. Explore the benefits of an aftermarket kit, compare slip-on and entire exhaust system replacements and find out how you can get even more out of your favorite cruiser, dirt bike or touring bike.

Benefits of Aftermarket Exhaust Systems

An exhaust system is designed to improve engine performance, safely route gases away and to muffle the noise of your engine. When you choose an aftermarket exhaust system, you’re adjusting one or more of these features. Most are designed to improve engine performance through increased airflow, while some are meant to give you a quieter or louder ride.

Your OEM exhaust is a quality option, but it’s primarily focused on emissions regulations, affordable designs and long-lasting performance. Crank up your horsepower with a high-flow exhaust system to see what your bike is capable of.

Another benefit of aftermarket systems is to slim down your ride. Shed up to 15 pounds by choosing a short, lightweight muffler to replace your heavy-duty steel system. Titanium mufflers are significantly lighter than stock options. See if you can manage it, otherwise, you will have to take your bike to the nearby maintenance shop to get it done. And they will surely stick your bike to the best dirt bike hitch carrier out there.

High-Performance Mufflers

Mufflers use a series of tubes and chambers to muffle the sound of your engine. While these tubes do a great job of limiting sound, they can also limit air flow. Look for a high-flow muffler to let your engine breathe easier. Shop for aftermarket cruiser exhaust parts to find out whether you need a slip-on muffler or entire system replacement.

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Slip-on vs. Entire System

If your exhaust system is still in working condition, you may not need to replace it all to enjoy your aftermarket performance. Some aftermarket kits start at the headers and go all the way to your tailpipe, while others use a simple slip-on exhaust configuration.

A slip-on exhaust only requires you to remove the muffler of your bike. Your new exhaust uses a slip-on or bolt-on system to connect securely to your existing pipes. Check to see if you need to install any additional hangers or strapping.

Aftermarket header pipes can improve airflow, so some riders choose to go for a full-system swap. Remove your entire exhaust and replace it if your motorcycle isn’t compatible with a slip-on design or if there’s damage to your header pipes.

Fuel System Changes

Exhaust is only one part of the airflow story. Your bike needs a modified fuel management system to get the most out of your new exhaust system. An aftermarket muffler or dB killer may offer you the sound you want, but needs to work together with other modifications for significant horsepower improvements.

Let Your Bike Breathe Easy Today

Look for a cruiser full system exhaust or slip-on exhaust to take your two-wheeled ride to the next level. Don’t settle for anything but the most impressive growl and performance from your ride. Compare the best options online and be confident in ordering a kit that matches your make and model of motorcycle. And if you want to upgrade to a new level, you can trade and get more at American Motorcycle Trading Company, where you can choose any brand of big bikes that will surely give you growl and best performance.