7 Tips for Creating a Home Game Room for Beginners

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7 Tips for Creating a Home Game Room for Beginners,According to the Entertainment Software Association, over 150 million Americans, or about half of the population, play video games. And many of those people play at least three hours a week!

If you’re among this group of video game enthusiasts, creating a designated space for your hobby in the form of a home game room is a great way to build upon your interest while bringing a bit of fun into your house.

But designing a room from scratch can be overwhelming! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 7 best tips for building the ultimate oasis for gamers.

Read on to learn more!

1. Organization is Key

First and foremost, proper organization is key. The best thing to do when designing a room is to draw it out first, giving everything you’ll have in the room a home.

All of your consoles, screens, and other equipment will have cords, accessories, remotes, etc. And keeping all of these bits and pieces neat and organized can be the difference between an amazing game room and a catastrophe.

In your plans, include a space for games, whether that be mounting your consoles on the wall or arranging them in an entertainment center with cubbies. Don’t forget to take your future plans into consideration in the process. If you plan to expand your collection, you’ll need to leave space for any new systems or collectibles.

2. Bring in Lighting

Choosing the right lighting is paramount for any room, but it’s even more important when you’re designing a creative space such as a game room. The two best options with game room lighting are ultra-modern and vintage.

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The most popular option for modern game rooms is brightly colored LED lights in patterned light fixtures or strips that you mount around the ceiling. And for good reason! LED lights are highly energy-efficient and add ambiance to the room rather than overpowering it with bright light.

On the other hand, vintage lighting provides a contrast to all the high tech gaming systems and equipment. Hanging a retro chandelier with Edison bulbs, for example, can add a touch of class and originality.

3. Hang Blackout Curtains

Now that we’ve discussed lighting, let’s talk about how to get rid of it. Whether you’re having a rainy day movie marathon or doing some afternoon gaming, nothing ruins the experience quite like a glare on the screen from the window.

To avoid this, hang blackout curtains on all of the windows! That way, you can let in some natural light when you want to and block it out when you need to darken the space to enjoy a movie or game.

4. Create a Theater Area

Speaking of enjoying a movie, why not make your home game room multipurpose by adding a screen for movies? If you’re a console gamer, you can always use the TV you use for gaming to watch movies.

However, if you normally do your gaming on a PC, consider adding a TV or projector screen to the room. Projector screens are a great option for those working with limited space or whose goal is a sleek, minimalistic space. You can even find screens that retract away when you’re not using them!

5. Have a Variety of Activities

While you may be spending a lot of time gaming solo in your game room, you always want to have the option of bringing friends along for the fun. This means having more than one controller, of course. But as gaming consoles only allow for a certain number of gamers at a time, you should have a variety of activities available so no one feels left out.

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A well-organized collection of board and card games can not only provide entertainment options to those without a controller but will also be an aesthetically pleasing element of the room.

Not to mention, staring at screens for an extended period of time is horrible for your eyes. It’s good to take a break every now and then with a non-electronic activity.

6. Add an Arcade Machine or Two

In addition to your board and card games, bringing in an arcade machine or two can take your game room to the next level! Arcade cabinets can be tough to find but are fantastic for parties with friends. Plus, who else do you know with a skeeball machine for home?

Whether you purchase a favorite game or create an entire retro arcade, you can’t go wrong with an arcade console!

7. Invest in Your Equipment

From screens to desks to video game chairs, there’s no question that a home game room is an investment. Because all of the necessary equipment is quite expensive, it’s a good idea to start the planning process early and save for the pieces you really want.

Not only will investing in your room help you make it the gaming space of your dreams, but your furniture and equipment will last much longer. Sure, going with a budget gaming chair might seem like a good idea at first, but once you’ve been sitting in it for hours, you’ll regret your decision.

Build the Ultimate Home Game Room with These Tips

Perfecting your home game room setup will take time and probably be an investment. But when you’re finished, you’ll have a space you and your friends won’t ever want to leave.

The most important thing to remember is to keep your game room organized. When in doubt, less is more. You’re making a fun, relaxing area, the last thing you want to do is pack the room with so much stuff that you feel uncomfortable every time you’re in it.

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