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monica mcnutt bio

Since you are reading this blog, it is evident that you are curious to know about Monica Mcnutt Bio. Maybe you heard about her from someone or somewhere. Or maybe, you’ve seen her on television multiple times. Either way, you want to know more. And that’s completely normal as curiosity is good at times.

While women in basketball are not much heard of, Monica Mcnutt has broken that stereotype. She’s not just any other athlete. She’s a former basketball player, but people still know her. And why wouldn’t they? Aside from being an athletic person, she has also been an Analyst. Yes, you read that right. She really did not stop her career after she stopped playing. Monica kept going even after her basketball career came to a stop and is still doing great.

Want to know about this personality? Well then, we have got you covered. In this blog, we will tell you all about her. So keep reading!

monica mcnutt bio

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Monica Mcnutt Bio

This athlete was born to Kevin and Desiree Mcnutt in 1989. She was born in Suitland, Maryland. And also spent the majority of her life in Suitland, Maryland.

The 32 years old athlete did her schooling from the same place. She went to the Academy of the Holy Cross, where she did her schooling.

A lot of the time it is heard that athletes don’t pursue an academic career. Many sportspersons focus solely on their sports, from their teen years to young adult years. That ends up them prioritizing their sports over overstudies. And ultimately not going to college. Or not being really passionate about their academic degree, which is absolutely fine. But Monica did pursue an academic degree from Georgetown University in English language and literature. She chose to finish her education first before pursuing her other dreams.

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She is even more surprising to people because she also pursued a Master’s Degree. Now that is very rare for athletes. She did her master’s in Broadcast Journalism that she pursued from the University of Maryland.

monica mcnutt bio

Her Career

Her basketball career started when she played as a standout guard in the Georgetown Basketball women’s team. That was from 2007-to 2011. However, that wasn’t the end of her career, and she went on to do more amazing things.

Like many other athletes, Monica stayed in the sports arena even after she stopped playing. Maybe it’s the familiarity of the profession that makes athletes stay in the same industry. Or perhaps, they just showcase their other talents without giving up their love for their respective sports.

Monica McNutt started working as a studio analyst in 2019 and is still doing a stellar job at it. Her first job as a studio analyst was at the ACC Network. But that wasn’t the only thing she did. Monica also hosted ACCN’s nightly news and information show, All ACC. Along with that, she also hosted Nothing But Net, which was the ACC Network’s key basketball show.

She was an excellent player, and this is evident in the fact that she’s a game analyst for Georgetown’s women’s basketball team during their playing seasons.

If you thought that she didn’t do something different after this, you’re wrong. Monica is truly hardworking and is pursuing multiple things at the same time. She is the host of a podcast. Her podcast, “Buckets, Boards and Blocks,” is produced by Pure Hoops Media,

Other than having her own podcast, she also co-hosts a podcast. She is known to co-host “26 Minutes with Clinton Portis”. This podcast is produced by the Washington Redskins.

Monica is truly living her best life. She has had a good athletic career that is still paying off. One can only assume that her athletic career and her master’s degree in Broadcast Journalism make her current work easier and more enjoyable.

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Her family

Like many famous people, Monica is known to have kept her family information secretive. After all, she’s a person under the spotlight. Her profession makes her a very public person. And that can be very overwhelming at times. In such situations, one often prefers to keep one part of their life private. That is probably why no one knows much about her family.

We only know that Kevin Mcnutt and Desiree Mcnutt are her parents. And that she has a sibling. But we do not know their name. Neither do we know the name or profession of her partner. But sources say that she is indeed married.

We hope that with time, when she feels comfortable, Monica will tell the world more about her family. But till then, this is all anyone can know.

monica mcnutt bio

Her Net worth

For an athlete who chose to play only for four years, her net worth at 32 is impressive. We are discussing the net worth of a woman who still has a few decades to earn. Her $300,000 net worth is no joke! She seems to be very successful in her career right now. Thus, we can have a pretty good guess that her net worth is only going to go higher.

Final Thoughts

We have finally come to the end of the blog Monica Mcnutt bio. And we hope that you have learned something new about Monica Mcnutt. If you are already a fan, you probably have smiled while reading about her. If this was your first time reading about Monica Mcnutt, we hope to have given you a good introduction to this athlete. You can check out videos of her as a basketball player to learn how she was as one. One can also watch the shows and podcasts she hosts to hear more from her. Do let us know what you thought of the blog in the comments!


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