5 Work-Life Balance Tips From Successful Entrepreneurs

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In the digital world we live in, maintaining a good work-life balance isn’t always easy. Between your computer and smartphone, it’s hard to turn work off, even when you’re home.                            It’s especially tough if you own a small business. You must be available in case of emergencies, but a good work-life balance is still important.                                                                                           With over 30 million small businesses in the U.S., there are lots of people looking for better balance.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Read on for 5 great work-life balance tips from successful entrepreneurs.

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Table of Contents

1. Know Your Boundaries

Boundaries are important in both your work and personal life. Setting your work hours and sticking by them is an important boundary. Don’t work around the clock.

You need sustainable work hours so you don’t get burned out. If you work out of your home, make it a separate room if possible. At the end of your workday, close the door and leave the work behind.

Limit your access to needy clients. Are you providing a service? Put it in a contract and let your clients know when you’re available.

2. Avoid Canceling Social Commitments

Give your social commitments the same importance you give your work commitments. Your friends and family are important. If something must be done at the office, do it afterward.

An emergency is different but it’s important you learn the difference between a true emergency and something that can wait a few hours or a day.

3. Take Vacations

Coordinate family vacations with your spouse and kids at the beginning of the year. Pencil in the vacation time on your calendar and don’t change it.

Everyone needs a vacation, including you. Vacation is a sacred time with family and friends. You need the time for recharging and reinvigorating yourself.

You’ll come back refreshed and ready to take on any work challenges.

4. Delegate and Automate

Many small business owners have a hard time letting go of small tasks. Learn how to delegate and then avoid micromanaging. It’s no good letting someone else take a task if you’re looking over their shoulder the entire time.

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Automate whatever tasks you can, such as automating accounts payable.

5. Take Time for Self-Care

If you’re struggling with your health, you can’t work well. Take time for healthy eating and build exercise into your everyday routine.

A healthy diet and exercise also go a long way toward a good night’s sleep. Put a premium on sleep because sleep deprivation puts you at risk for health problems.

Maintaining a Good Work-Life Balance

A good work-life balance is essential for a healthy life. Set healthy boundaries and stick to them. Keep your social commitments to your family and friends.

You don’t only deserve vacations, you need them. Vacation is where you recharge and refresh yourself so you’ll work better when you get home.

Delegate and automate as much as possible and avoid micromanaging employees or others. Always take time for self-care. A healthy diet and regular exercise, as well as an emphasis on a good night’s sleep, help you in all aspects of your life.

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