Why Outsource Game Development?

The game development market is thriving, generating billions in revenues and attracting thousands of users. GameDev companies are constantly looking for experienced contributors to grow their released projects or initiate the development of new games, and within such a saturated market, staffing shortage is extremely acute.

However, game development outsourcing can become a solution and provide GameDev companies with the necessary specialists in the shortest possible time. But it’s not the whole value outsourcing can bring, as the list of its benefits goes beyond rapid staffing. Here are some of the most prominent. 

Optimization of Costs

One of the most popular reasons why companies turn to outsourcing is cost efficiency. First, in-house hiring is more expensive than outsourcing contracts, as it demands that employers not only pay compensation for specialists’ efforts but also cover other expenses like recruitment costs, employee benefits, equipment prices, etc.

Second, there is the tendency for in-house teams to work simultaneously on several projects, which scatters their attention and reduces the quality of their contributions. As a result, the amount of mistakes is growing, the speed of project progress declines, and companies need to inflate their timeline and, consequently, budgets. In turn, outsourcing allows hiring a dedicated team that will focus solely on a certain project.

Access to Advanced or Unique Expertise

The variety of technologies in the gaming industry expands day after day, and it is almost impossible to keep experts in each of them in-house. Therefore, if you suddenly feel a necessity to involve specialists in a new technology for your company, you can always find an outsourced team with relevant knowledge and onboard them as your contractor.

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This way, you can easily ramp up your team without spending huge budgets and delaying the project kickoff. At the same time, you can ramp down the crew with the same ease when you deliver the necessary scope and don’t need the input of the aforementioned experts. 

Availability of Resources for Strategizing

By delegating a certain scope of work to a third-party vendor, you can unload your team to focus on strategic or creative tasks you keep putting off. If the inflow of operational tasks never stops and your core employees are constantly under the pressure of deadlines to complete them, your crew simply won’t have time for something more demanding.

Thus, instead of planning the workloads inaccurately or setting inflated expectations for your in-house team, you can leverage the help of the outside vendor and prioritize the responsibilities in a more reasonable and efficient manner.

Faster Turnaround

Outsourcing gives you an additional guarantee that your game will be delivered on time. Of course, there is always a chance that something will go wrong even when you outsource, but usually, game development vendors have established processes tailored for rapid delivery and turnarounds. 

Reliable game outsourcing companies are aware of the major pitfalls that can slow down the development process, hence, they know how to set up cooperation to avoid the most common challenges and ensure high performance and speed. 

Enhanced Risk Mitigation

Game development possesses particular risks other software development projects often don’t have. For example, there is the so-called fun factor, a risk associated with a game being truly enjoyable for its target audience. So, to be able to handle possible risks, you need to rely on industry-specific expertise and experience.

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Outsourced vendors can back you up with the necessary knowledge, as they dedicate all their efforts to delivering game projects, which implies they definitely understand the ins and outs of the potential challenges and jeopardizes.

Additional Inflow of Creative Ideas

The involvement of a third party gives you a chance to get an outsider’s perspective on your project. It helps to understand how it is perceived by those who haven’t contributed to its conceptualization, as well as come up with new ideas on where to take your game further.

At the same time, if you are struggling with some aspects of game ideation or development, the experience of outsourced specialists, who have other backgrounds, can help you find answers to the questions concerning you.

In Conclusion

Game development outsourcing is absolutely a powerful tool for GameDev companies. The key to accessing its true value is finding a trustworthy vendor who possesses relevant skills, experience, and expertise to help you reach your goals. Only in cooperation with such a partner can you expect outsourcing to become a game changer for your product development and delivery.