6 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Talking to an Insurance Company


Being injured after someone else’s error can be a life-changing event for you. For instance, losing hands in an accident may prevent you from working again in your life.

Things you say when discussing with insurers can determine whether you will get compensation. Insurance firms will ensure that victims of personal injury receive little or no compensation. For this reason, you ought to know the errors to avoid when speaking to an insurance firm after an accident.

1. Admitting Guilt

After getting involved in an accident, you might want to apologize to the other party. Although apologizing makes the other person feel good, it may be admitting guilt.

If an insurer learns your negligence caused the accident, they will not compensate you. Avoid saying you are sorry when discussing with the insurance firm. Stand firm in your demand for compensation without showing you took part in causing the accident.

2. Not Getting a Medical Report

A medical report is proof of the severity of the injuries someone sustained in an accident. You may be wanting not to get a medical report if you do not have physical injuries. Yet, an insurance company will not compensate you without the medical report.

Go to the hospital for a medical examination after an accident. The evaluation will determine the injuries you have suffered and serve as proof to the insurance firm. Present the medical report to the insurance company when claiming compensation.

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3. Giving Too Many Details to the Insurance Firm

The insurance company is looking for tiny pieces of information they can use against you. Talking too much about the accident can damage your chances of getting compensation.

Offer the insurance agency basic information concerning the accident. For example, you can tell the insurance firm where the accident occurred. It is more advisable to get help from a personal injury lawyer to avoid giving the insurer unnecessary data.

4. Accepting a Quick Settlement

Insurance companies want to lure you into accepting unfair compensation fast. During negotiations, an agency will tell you how you cannot get better compensation. Negotiating compensation with the insurance firm before agreeing on a settlement. If the company realizes you will stop at nothing to obtain justice, it will give you fair compensation.

5. Failing to Hire an Attorney

An insurance company will take advantage of you if you lack legal representation. Remember, the firm’s lawyer represents the interest of their customer. Hence, the insurance company may offer you a meager settlement proposal.

Consider working with a lawyer who represents your interests in the claim process. An attorney will be ready to sue the company if the compensation proposal is unfair. 

6. Failing to Produce a Police Report

You may be unavailable to capture evidence at the accident scene because of injuries. A police report could be the best source of facts concerning the mishap. If you lack a police report, the insurance firm may reject your compensation claim. Thus, speak to the police to get a report on the accident scene before negotiating with the insurance agency.

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The way you handle the claim process can determine whether you obtain compensation. An insurance company will compensate you if you have a strong claim against it. Take your time to plan for the claim to avoid hitting a dead end after sustaining injuries in an accident.