What You Need to Start a YouTube Channel: A Simple 5-Step List

Start a YouTube Channel: A Simple 5-Step List

What You Need to Start a YouTube Channel: A Simple 5-Step List,Hoping to launch a YouTube career? Who wouldn’t? People spend more time on YouTube than Facebook and Netflix combined.

It’s the most powerful platform for creators.

Don’t know what you need to start a YouTube channel? That’s fine, we’ve got a list of essentials to help you get started. Read our guide right here and start your channel!

1. The Right Equipment

If you plan to start a YouTube channel, get the right equipment. You should start by getting a decent camera. At the very least, it should be able to record 1080p HD videos but if you can get one that can handle 4K UHD, get that instead.

You’ll also need a microphone. Get a pop filter to keep the audio clean. You may need a mixer for better audio quality.

The right lights can make or break your videos. Get a ring light, decent backlight, and some fill lights. The goal is to eliminate shadows and make you, the subject, pop out.

2. Editing Software

You’ll also need decent editing software. If you’re new to video editing, you can start with something simple such as Windows Movie Maker or iMovie.

You can also stick with the built-in YouTube editor. It’s a quick and easy tool for beginners who don’t know how to delete a YouTube video, create a new one, or edit an existing one. When creating YouTube videos, another great idea is to use voice over services in order to make your creation more professional. The best way to do it is to select the right provider of voice over services for YouTube

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If you want more features and tools, start learning how to use Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro.

3. Some SEO Skills

Not sure what you need to start a YouTube channel? You’ll need to invest in some SEO tools. You’ll want to prioritize a good keyword research tool, a social media manager, and Google Analytics.

With the right keywords, you can increase the likelihood of creating content that people find relevant and timely. A tool like HootSuite can automatically share newly uploaded videos across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Use Google Analytics to track your demographics, their activities and engagement metrics, and then use the data to improve your content and uploading schedule.

4. Visual Assets

Becoming a YouTuber isn’t easy nowadays. The platform has millions of content creators and the top ones get millions of viewers per day. This makes it even more difficult for new channels to stand out.

One way to stand out is to make your videos look professional.

Use After Effects for flashy text, transitions, and visual effects. Hire a professional if you need to dress up your channel with flashy banners and a nice intro. Avoid using free music — if you can afford it, hire someone to compose original music instead.

5. A Social Community

YouTubers thrive because of their fans. Get on social media and engage with your followers, no matter how small your community is. Build a loyal following and watch your channel grow.

Get What You Need to Start a YouTube Channel Now!

Now you know what you need to start a YouTube channel! It might seem like a lot or costly but you’d be surprised by how much you can get out of a modern smartphone and free editing tools. Take your time, build your content, and have fun!

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Of course, finding success on YouTube doesn’t end here. If you want more entertainment and technology tips, feel free to read more of our content here. We cover a wide range of topics to help you stand out from the competition!