The Next Generation: How to Manage Gen Z in the Workplace

Manage Gen Z in the Workplace

The Next Generation: How to Manage Gen Z in the Workplace,Move over Millenials, Gen Z is the next generation to who is ready to enter the workplace.

Gen Z will soon hold a spending power of $143 billion, which will make them a powerhouse in the workplace. Although Gen Z works hard in the workplace, they have a different communication style.

If you’re an employer looking to learn how to manage Gen Z in the workplace, you came to the right place.

Read on to get started.

Who Are Generation Z?

Although many people have familiarized themselves with the term Millenials, there’s a new group of individuals ready to enter the workforce, Generation Z.

Generation Z (Gen Z) is made up of those born between the mid-1990s and the mid-2000s. As of 2016, Gen Z accounted for 25.9% of the U.S. population. It’s believed that in 2020, Gen Z will make up one-third of the population.

Gen Z is different than other generations because they were born in the age of technology. They had access to the internet and smartphones from an early age, which gave them access to information, unlike any other generation.

As Gen Z begins to enter the workforce, more and more employers recognize that this generation’s values and priorities are different from generations prior. This generation values work-life balance, creativity, and a respectful work environment.

If you’re an employer, it’s crucial you learn to work and manage Gen Z as more and more of them enter the workforce.

Find Creative Ways to Manage

Although previous generations were okay with a chain of command approach to managing, this method won’t work with Gen Z.

This generation has embraced the need to express their creativity, so they’re more comfortable working on their own or going with their instincts. Even if they start at the bottom of the ladder, they want to make sure their voices are heard.

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Because their ultimate goal is not to please their managers and climb the corporate ladder, they rather get recognition for their hard work. They are not willing to break their backs for an employer who doesn’t appreciate them.

To find new ways to manage them, you should keep them interested in their work and add dynamic ways to interact with them.

Don’t Let Gen Z Fool You; They Like Human Interaction

Although Gen Z has a reputation for only communicating online, they also enjoy human interaction. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you should only communicate with them via email.

Because Gen Z wants to know their ideas count, it’s important you have plenty of face to face interactions with them.

It’s important to bring them in on meetings, strategy sessions, and one-on-one interactions.

Show an Interest in Their Personal Life

While you don’t have to become best friends with your Gen Z employees, they still expect you to show an interest in them as a person.

As we mentioned before, Gen Z employees are not interested in working hard for someone who doesn’t care about them. When you talk to them, make sure you show interest in what they like.

Finding common ground with them is a great way to forge a more solid professional relationship.

Create a Pleasant Working Atmosphere

Unlike previous generations, Gen Z has no problem walking away from a toxic work environment. If you expect them to work hard, you also have to give them the opportunity to blow some steam.

It’s not enough to give them an hour for lunch; you have to show them the office is a pleasant environment. You need to promote company culture importance, and your employees will pick up on it.

For example, you should make the time they spend in the office pleasant. Common rooms should be more than a couch or a vending machine.

Mos offices cater to Gen Z by adding pool tables, massage areas, Friday happy hours, and more.

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When you show them your commitment to creating a pleasant work environment, you will increase their loyalty.

Work-Life Balance

Gen Z employees are not interested in working 12-hour days for months at a time. While they will remain committed to their work, they also remain committed to having a work-life balance.

While they don’t expect to walk out the door at 5 pm on the dot, they recognize the importance of unplugging when they’re not in the office.

Unlike previous generations, Gen Z also recognizes the importance of using their vacation days and taking advantage of remote work.

Salary Negotiations

Because they’re internet-savvy, Gen Z knows how to research market trends and similar salaries. Don’t expect Gen Z employees to accept the first salary offer you make them.

Gen Z knows their worth and what others are getting paid for the same job duties. If they believe you’re not offering what they deserve, they will let you know.

If you want to add more Gen Z employees, be prepared to offer them a competitive benefits package.

Fast-Paced Work Environment

Because Gen Z grew up in a time when websites loaded in less than three seconds, they expect things to happen right away. Don’t expect Gen Z employees to linger on a project for months at a time.

It’s important you keep things fresh and exciting for them when it comes to everyday projects.

Also, don’t expect to wait for feedback as they want to know if they’re doing a good job in real-time.

They will not wait until they get their annual reviews and bonuses to learn if they’re performing well.

Diversity and Inclusion

Gen Z values diversity and inclusion more than the previous generations. If they notice the workplace is not inclusive enough, they will challenge you to be more inclusive.

They know the importance of learning from co-workers that have different backgrounds and cultures. Ensure you make diversity and inclusion a priority.

Are You Ready to Manage Gen Z in the Workplace?

Now that you know about these tips for managing Gen Z in the workplace, you’re ready to have a more productive workplace.

Keep in mind that Gen Z prioritizes work-life balance, a fast-paced environment, and they demand diversity and inclusion.

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