How to Find the Best Casino Bonuses and Get Your Money’s Worth

casino bonus get money worth

Ever tried to imagine how casino life would be without bonuses? Think about it. If no casino gave out bonuses, you would have to spend hundreds of dollars more than you do playing slots and table games. You probably already waste plenty of cash by using bonuses that don’t give you value.

If you regularly accept bonuses that force you to wager 50-80 times your deposit as playthrough terms, you are getting scammed. Here’s why: tons of casinos would be willing to give free spins with lenient wagering requirements. And if you are lucky, you can receive bonuses without wagering terms. Below are the top ways to find such rewards.

Compare Deposit Bonuses for Terms

Casinos love giving out deposit bonuses. But if you are not careful, you can accept offers with unreasonable terms and limits. You can avoid getting into such situations by having multiple bonus sources.

Bonus review websites, for example, compare casino offers and rank them based on their size or other criteria. At, you can find the best casino bonuses in 2019 and it also clearly shows you which casinos accept players from your country. That makes it easy for you to choose multiple bonuses without worrying whether the Online Cricket Betting ID will accept you.

When it comes to reviewing terms and conditions, you should start by checking the casino’s wagering requirements. Choose bonuses with playthrough terms that don’t exceed 35 times the bonus offered. That’s the industry standard, but you should always pick the offers with the most lenient wagering requirements.

Shop Around for No Deposit Bonuses

No-deposit bonus casinos don’t require you to deposit money so that you can play their online games and take the money. You may have to create an account, but you get your spins and gambling cash soon afterward. The last point is important because some gambling sites don’t let you use their offers immediately.

Instead, they break down their spins so that you receive a handful of them daily for a week or two. The problem with that system is that it inconveniences you. If you can only get five spins per day, how much fun will you have on that casino?

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The best no-deposit bonuses are awarded instantly. What’s more, you can use them in numerous games. So, if you want to use the rewards to test the casino’s Netent games on your mobile device, it will be easy.

Still, on no-deposit offers, ensure they have clear terms on how to withdraw your wins. You might have to deposit some money on the casino, and you must also meet playthrough terms. But these terms should be available to all players.

Look Out for Wager-Free Bonuses

No-wager bonuses can come in any form. Some casinos give them out as no deposit rewards while others give them out as deposit gifts. Still, some platforms give out these bonuses to loyal customers alone.

Regardless, wager-free bonuses are a must-claim. They may come in small proportions, but they save you from the strenuous process of completing wager requirements. Due to that, you can claim as many wager-free bonuses as you get so long as you can withdraw your wins.

Some casinos give you wager-free bonuses but won’t let you withdraw any wins from them. Others have such low withdrawal limits that you might not see the value of using them. Reading bonus terms and conditions can help you review the rewards and decide whether they are worth your time or not.

Choose a Casino with Reload Bonuses

Your first deposit bonus from a good casino feels like a win. It could be a 100% offer that lets you play with double your deposit or less. If it comes with good wagering terms, you’ll probably appreciate it. The problem comes when you make your second and third deposits and don’t receive bonuses for them.

That’s when you realize the casino wasn’t as generous to players as you thought. Luckily, multiple casinos give out reload bonuses. The best casinos give you a bonus for every deposit, meaning you will always cherish games with more money than you deposited.

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In many cases, reload bonuses come in small percentages. You could get 10% of your deposit or 25% with a rather rewarding platform. But if these bonuses can be used on your favorite games, they can at least help minimize your losses.

Check out Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs reward you for playing casino games constantly. Most of them work through a point-based system or are guided by the amount of money you spend. If you spend £500 in one month, for example, you could receive ten free games on the weekend.

With point-based programs, you can redeem your points for free spins and other rewards. Some casinos also give you cash backs as part of the loyalty reward program. Although you must spend money to get these offers, they can help you relish games when you don’t want to use your bankroll. And if you get wager-free bonuses for your loyalty, you will be able to maximize your profits.

Ask for Bonuses

If you play on a casino for days without getting bonuses, ask the customer support for some rewards. At a good casino, they respond by gifting you free spins or betting money equal to your deposit amount.

Of course, some casinos deny you rewards no matter how much money you spend on their games. But casinos that value their customers will give you bonuses when you ask for them. Obviously, it would be better if the casinos dish out bonuses without you asking for them. But if they are kind enough to gift your rewards, they are great platforms.

To Conclude

If you love bonuses like many casino players do, ensure you always get your money’s worth. If you plan to deposit and spend £100, find a casino that will give you a similar amount. Compare no-deposit bonus offers to get rewards without spending money. Shop around for deposit offers to get the best among them and regularly log in to your account to find reload bonus offers.