How Old Is Harry Styles Daughter? All Revealed!

How Old Is Harry Styles Daughter

There is nobody unaware of Harry Styles. So, if you are wondering how old is Harry Styles daughter, then you have come to the right place.

How Old Is Harry Styles Daughter

Who is Harry Styles?

Harry Styles is one of the most important members and one of the most famous singers of the boy band ‘One Direction. Apart from being the most famous singer, he is also an actor and a songwriter. He is known by almost everyone and has a lot of fans. His fan list just keeps on increasing as days go by. He has been singing along with his boy band, but apart from that, he has been a great solo artist as well. His songs are always on the top list, as they have emotions in them that touches people’s hearts. He has been a band member of the famous boy band ‘One direction’ since the year 2010.

The band had five members, and he was one of them. They all came together to compete in the X-Factor. Although he was a part of the band member, he started releasing solo albums sooner, and they became quite a hit. His fan circle increased, and he started growing a lot of followers as well.

The early life of Harry Styles

Harry Styles was born in the year of 1994, and at present, he is 28 years old. He was raised in Cheshire, which is in England. He was raised by his parents, Anne Twist (mother) and Desmond Styles (father). His parents divorced later, and Harry was only 7 years old at that time. Harry has an elder sister, and both of them were raised by his mother. Harry’s elder sister was named Gemma. Harry has spent most of his life in Holmes Chapel.

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Harry’s musical journey started when he was in his childhood only. He was a lead singer of the band that goes by the name White Eskimo. In the year of 2010, he was encouraged by his mother to audition in the X-Factor. He failed the first time, but then he was called again to be a part of the member. The other band member included Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan. Harry was the one who suggested the name of the band, that is, One Direction.

How Old Is Harry Styles Daughter

The career of Harry Styles

Harrys Styles began his career mainly in the year 2010 when he was selected as a band member of ‘One Direction. He auditioned as a solo candidate at first, but he was rejected. But later, he was called again and asked to be part of the band. The first song by the group was an acoustic version of Torn. This song touched the hearts of many, and it gained popularity throughout the UK soon after. They also became everyone’s favorite in a few days. After X-Factor, they were offered and signed by Cowell’s Syco Music Records, and they signed a contract that was worth $2 million.

The very next year, the band came up with some of the most amazing songs that people still listen to today. In 2011, they came up with the song Forever Young, which became a hit. They came up with an album in the year of 2012, and that is Take me home. This song held the number one spot on the ‘US Billboard’ and became the first boy in US Chart history. One of the members, named Zayn Malik, left the band, and Harry later wanted to leave the band, and he started pursuing solo music as well. He also started acting as he was a part of Christopher Nolan’s movies.

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Harry Styles’s dating history

Harry Styles’s dating life includes a lot of famous people. Back in 2011, he used to be romantically involved with Caroline Flack. She was 30 years old back then, and Harry was just 17. Later he started dating Emily Atack but broke up soon later. In the year 2012-2013, he started dating Taylor Swift, and they dated for a year. Later he dated the famous model Kendall Jenner in the year 2013-2014. They broke up in between but were seen together again in the year of 2015. Further, he was dating Tess Ward, Georgia Fowler, Sara Sampaio, Nadine Leopold, and many more. Harry Styles recently started dating Olivia Wilde. They first met in the year 2020, and they are still said to be in a relationship.

Does Harry Styles have a daughter?

Enough with the suspense, as we will now know about the fact about Harry Styles’s daughter. There was a rumor that had been going on, and his fans believed in the theory that he had a daughter. His fans said that the name of the daughter is Darcy Anne Styles. But we have got the results here.

Harry has never confirmed to anyone the fact that he has any children. These rumors were nothing more than mere speculation. This theory came up in the year of 2013 when there was fan fiction that became widely popular. Slowly, it made people curious, but nobody had seen his daughter or had any official details about it. It can still be termed a rumor.

There is not a much-known fact about him having a daughter, but he surely has a goddaughter. Her name is Ruby Winston, and her voice could be heard in Harry Styles’ song ‘As it was.

How Old Is Harry Styles Daughter

Final thoughts

I hope you like our blog – How Old Is Harry Styles Daughter, and it is relevant to the search that has been made. Apart from being a singer, he is also launching his own brand. He has come up a long way from his childhood, and he still is growing more famous every day.