Girl in The Basement True Story, Crime Details & More!

girl in the basement true story

Are you aware of the horrifying things that keep occurring? Well, there are plenty of these stories and among them is the story of the girl in the basement true story. You must now think about what had happened to that girl and why it is such a big deal. Well, it is a very terrible and heart-breaking story. As you move forward to read the blog, be sure you have some tissues in case you cry!

Who is this girl? The girl in the basement’s true story is Elizabeth Fritzl. She was locked up in her own house, in the basement 20 feet below. Now, who is the person who locked her up in her own house? None other than her father, Joseph Fritzl. Poor Elizabeth was locked up for 24 years of her life and did not get to see the world as a young child. Her childhood was snatched away by her very own monstrous father.

girl in the basement true story

How did she get locked up in the basement?

Elizabeth herself never must have imagined that she had to see a day like this. But unfortunately, her fate was something else, perhaps.

On a normal day, her father, Joseph, called her down to help her with fixing the doors and all. Quite some time went by and nothing suspicious was felt. She helped her father happily. As soon as the door was fixed, Joseph suddenly pushed her down on the floor and locked the door, and went upstairs.

No word from her; the police came to investigate, and Joseph put up his acting and stated that they could keep searching. Elizabeth’s mother could not even imagine that her daughter was just below her in need of help. Soon after some time, a letter was received saying that she left home herself, making it less suspicious of anyone. Joseph added further that she might have joined some kind of a cult.

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The police then stopped any further investigations. Back then, she was just 11, and now she became the girl in the basement true story.

What happened to her?

In the first two years of isolation in the basement, she did not understand what was going on. But as soon as the police gave up on searching for her, Joseph started visiting her more and more. Or you can think every single day. Rarely would he skip going to her? He did not care that it was his daughter. That little girl had to see pornographic content, and after that, she would get assaulted and raped by her father.

This is terrifying as hell! You must think now whom to trust in this world. When your father can be monstrous and horrible, for another 24 years, her situation was miserable, and she remained locked in her own house.

girl in the basement true story

Did the police find her?

When all this kept on going on, she became pregnant. She had a total of 5 kids. And over that, she had a miscarriage once, and one of her children died as soon as it got birth. Joseph let her keep only two of her children with her. The first two born. The others he raised by himself. He would take them and pre-plan how to bring them out to her wife. So, he would make Elizabeth write letters, and then they would take them in.

Like this, he took up 3 children, and he and his wife would take care of them. No one could say anything to them in relation, and they were their grandparents. Though suspicious of the children, as no one would know how they were left there.

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As years passed out, the eldest of the children got sick one day, and the condition started becoming terrible. Elizabeth, after begging a lot to Joseph, got help from him. Again, he played the same trick of the letter and called an ambulance. But now, the police got more suspicious as the letter would always be received by Joseph Fritzl. They opened the case of the girl in the basement true story again to find out the real truth behind Elizabeth’s disappearance.

Joseph had to let go of Elizabeth, and she went to see her daughter, who was suffering. The police took her with them and told her to narrate everything that happened. She said all of it only in one term; her father should never get a hold of her and her children again.

Immediately, Joseph was arrested and put behind bars.

Where is the girl in the basement now?

The girl in the basement true story must be horrifying and heart-breaking at the same time. She has been given protection and kept away from where she grew up and spent her years in isolation and trauma.

She is now in Austria, but her whereabouts are not known to anyone currently. This is all because of safety issues and to give her a new kick start to her life. She might be of the age of 50 and living with her village. She changed her name as well and gave her life a new turning.

girl in the basement true story

Did Elizabeth’s Mother know about all of it?

When all of this was happening, Elizabeth’s mother was kept in the dark. It was all away from her knowledge. She blindly believed her husband and thought that during the time her husband was away, he was working.

As soon as she found out, she left him immediately, and her whereabouts were unknown.

Final Thoughts

With this, we have come to the end of our blog! You must have learned quite a horrifying girl in the basement true story. Let us know if you got the information you were looking for or not, and also share it with the ones who want to know!


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