Is Gravity Falls Coming Back?

is gravity falls coming back

One of the amazing animated series that kids love to watch. Even being an elder, you can enjoy watching this series. It gives you the knowledge and does not make you even feel bored. The way this series has been designed makes you feel about going into that world itself. And who does not love cartoons? And Disney created such an amazing series like Gravity Falls. The series takes you on an adventure by itself. Like a merry-go-round, you can enjoy the adventure with the series as it moves forwards.

The animated series is about two siblings, Dipper and Mabel, who came to visit their Uncle Stan. The three of them come and find out different things as they are there. The adventure is ongoing and has no end to it. Finding out and solving mysterious situations.

is gravity falls coming back

How many seasons of Gravity Falls are there?

Till now, there have been 2 seasons of Gravity Falls. In both seasons, the characters of the series Gravity Falls Dipper and Mabel go out on an adventure. They both are siblings, and they like to solve mysteries. The series has been showing how they come to the town where their Uncle Stan lives. Slowly, the series move forward by showing the reality of the town. They try to find out the reality of the town.

The town is known as Gravity Falls, and they find out a very deep-routed hidden mystery. In the past season, they revealed to the town people and left everyone in shock. Each episode has its mystery to be solved, and they keep on revealing through their fantastic ways. You can see the sibling using logic through the mysteries, and they would make sense. The series has been practical in a sense till now.

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is gravity falls coming back

When is the next season of Gravity Falls coming?

Many have the question that is gravity falls coming back or not. The audience of the series has been waiting for a long time, but still, there is no news about it. Actually, in the last two seasons, the writers have covered most of the plot of the series. Now the sequence should be entertaining as well. But what to forecast is what they thought! It would become boring as the twins have solved most of the mysteries that have been revolving around Gravity Falls.

So, there is no saying as such that Gravity Falls is coming back or not. There is no sooner possibility, at least for now. That makes the audience upset, but the writers do not want to make the story long and make such an amazing series into a boring series.

Where to watch Gravity Falls?

From time to time, you can find that Gravity Falls is starring on Disney Channel. But it is not always, and there are no such specific timings as well. You can always search for small clips on YouTube and enjoy watching the show.

Other than that, you can always stream on OTT platforms like Netflix, Disney Hotstar, et cetera. You will not be disappointed, and watching something you already like, will always add up to your joy.

is gravity falls coming back

The casting of Gravity Falls

There are some cast members whom you will get to see more, and some are not seen so often. Here are the cast members that are starring in the series:


One of the main characters of the show is staring beside his sister and uncle. He has been given a love interest and been shown as a smart and goofy guy. And he goes along with his sister on different adventures around the town and solves different hidden mysteries. He uses his logic throughout the show, making sure it makes sense to the audience.

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The other twin of Dipper in the show has got a lot of focus in the show. She has been shown as the intelligent kid among the two siblings. She does not steal the show away but has the focus because of her personality. Her personality has been developed from season 1 to season 2. She has a carefree attitude towards everything, making her loved by the audience.

Uncle Stan

He is the one cool uncle who is staying in Gravity Falls, and like the kids, that is, Dipper and Mabel visit him, he starts enjoying himself with them. He is always ready to help them out, and even though being cool and funky provides a whole lot of comedy.


She is the one whom the main character, Dipper, fell in love with. Though it was one-sided, it gives you a whole lot of fun to see how he acts around her. Wendy is a sorted character and has been given very simple attributes. Her part is equally important as she, too, along with Dipper, is seen to go on mystery reveals.

There are many other characters in the show, but the main focus falls on these four of them. The other characters include Mabel’s friend, Uncle Stan’s brother Stanford and many such characters were to be seen.

Final Thoughts

With this, we have come to the end of our blog! Sadly, it is a no to the question is gravity falls coming back or not. But the show is so amazing cannot be stopped watching. The audiences want more of it. They want the characters Dipper and Mabel to keep going on different adventures and solve more and more mysteries. It looks close to impossible, but Disney might change its mind anytime, have patience till you hear anything something closely about is gravity falls coming back.

Tighten up and sit upright and start binge-watching Gravity falls and follow bits and pieces of the clips whenever you want. Let us know if the blog was useful to you or not, and share it with those who want to know about Gravity falls!