How to Fix “Pokemon go Unable to Authenticate” Error on Android & IOS

Pokemon go Unable to Authenticate

Pokemon go Unable to Authenticate this error not solve, don’t worry I solved this error. Pokemon Go are comes to best AR games every, people enjoy playing Pokemon any time like morning workout other many place But, sometimes I see “Pokemon Go unable to authenticate” error while login Pokemon Go Trainer Club. And also some time getting the failed to login error message. But I solve this error so, I discuss below method to solve this error.

However, Nintendo are fixing the error on next update. But sometime, they not able to solve Pokemon go unable to authenticate error message. Also I have come to solutions that could help you to solve unable to authenticate error in Pokemon Go on Android or iPhone. You can check below Method, but before that we would suggest you to check minionaccounts which can give you an instant access to the best qualitied Pokemon go accounts.

How to Fix “Pokemon go Unable to Authenticate” Error on Android & IOS

Pokemon go Unable to Authenticate

Method 1: Check Airplane Mode Status

Step 1: First, you close the Pokemon Go Game.

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Step 2: After, go to settings and Turn on Airplane mode.

Step 3: After, you start Pokemon Go again

Step 4: Then again turn off Airplane Mode.

Step 5: After, try to login.

Step 6: Done.

Well, you try this to solve Pokemon go Unable to Authenticate error after not solve check next method.

Method 2: Check Pokémon Go Server Status

However, Pokémon Go shows unable to authenticate a message so, many times huge player would have been playing at game at same time and the Pokémon Go down for some time. So, you not forget to check the Pokémon Go server status.

Method 3: Create Force Stop and Again Launch Game

However, Pokémon Go users are force closing and re-launching the game works. That is very easy Solution for Pokemon go unable to Authenticate error on iOS and android.

1#. Android: Go to Settings >> Apps >> Pokémon Go >> Force stop and the again launch game.

2#. IPhone: First, Double click to show the recent used app and close the Pokémon Go game after again launch game.

Method 4: Try to Login with Google Account

However, People prefer to sign in Pokemon Go Trainer Club account. Also not allow users to log in through PTC server and shows “Pokemon go unable to authenticate” error while logging Pokemon Go app. But you can choose Google Account after you can successfully log in and play game without login.

Method 5: Check your Saved Password

Now, you have different Google accounts on your phone, so, you take the different on your phone to login Pokemon Go. After Pokemon go unable to authenticate error to fix this issue, remove all other Google accounts used to play Pokemon Go that is best for you.

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Method 6: You Clear Caches on your Device

Here, Clear Caches are best solutions so; you can try to clear caches in the app and after again log in. You can Go to Settings >> Apps >> Pokémon Go app >> Clear the cache and clear data after Start Game Again.

Method 7: You On iOS 9 or iOS 10? Check

However, players use to iOS 9 or iOS 10 with Pokemon go version of 1.73.3, after the crate login issues also if you use iOS 9 you need to upgrade to iOS 10 fix this after try to Login Pokemon Game.

Method 8: Get Help from the Pokemon Team

Now, that is best solution for solve the “Pokemon Go Unable to authenticate” error message, you take help from the Nintendo team also visit the Nintendo Support page and submit your problem that is best for you.

Final Words

However, above mentioned all method for Fix Pokemon go Unable to Authenticate and you read above method and Try to Solve Error, that is best helpful for you.