Where Can I Watch The Conjuring 3

Where Can I Watch The Conjuring 3

If you love mystery horror theme movies, you must be familiar with conjuring franchise. Just like first two bone-shivering horrors, this installment, The Conjuring 3:The Devil Made Me Do It takes the audience on a wild ride of demonic possession.Audience loved the movie for its engaging storyline, suspenseful atmosphere, emotional depth and nail-biting performance of the cast. So where can you watch The Conjuring 3 this year?

The horror thriller The Conjuring 3 is streaming on HBO Max and Max Amazon Channel. You can enjoy the movie will the subscription of any of these two platforms. You can also stream the movie through online purchase or rent. The Conjuring 3 is available on Microsoft Store, Apple TV, Vudu, Redbox, Youtube, Google Play, DIRECTV and AMC On Demand.

So hurry up choose a platform from any of these options and get ready for a crazy horror ride with investigator Ed and Larraine.

Where To Watch The Conjuring 3 Online

The Conjuring franchise is known for its outstanding blending of supernatural elements, engaging storyline, fav visual effects and top-notch performance of the casts. Following the success of the previous films The Conjuring 3 gained huge popularity. Horror fans loved the atmospheric tension and well-executed scares.

Where Can I Watch The Conjuring 3

If you are a horror thriller fan, this film is definitely going to make a space in your most favorites list. Now the actual question comes where to watch The Conjuring 3 online?

Well, fortunately there are bunch of ways to watch The Conjuring 3 online.  From streaming platforms to digital retailing sites, options are available.

Let’s first start with streaming platforms:


Directed by famous Michael Chaves, The Conjuring 3 was a commercial success grossing around $206 million worldwide against its production budget of $39 million. Audience loved the top-notch performance of Wilson who acted Lorraine Warren and Farmigawho acted Ed Warren. They brought the fear, murder mystery and paranormal incidents into life so beautifully that audience could felt the scars and tension.

The mid-blowing movie The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It is now streaming on HBO Max. It is one of the renowned name in the world of streaming site. With HBO Max subscription, you can enjoy all categories entertainment from hit movies to fan-favorite television series.

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To watch The Conjuring 3 on HBO Max, you will have to subscribe for an account. You can either go for the ad-supported plan at $9.99 or ad-free plan at $15.99. If you are new to HBO Max service, you can also take their free trial. Once you have an active account, enjoy watching the supernatural world with investigator Lorraine Warren and Ed Warren.

Max Amazon Channel

Max Network has brought their add-on channel for all the largest streaming sites. So whether you are an Amazon or Disney Plus subscriber, you can add Max Amazon Channel and enjoy the vast Max library full of blockbuster movies, television shows and award-winning web series.

However, horror thriller The Conjuring 3 is now available on Max Amazon Channel. To watch the movie you will have to add HBO Max channel. At first you will get a free trial.

Is The Conjuring 3 on Netflix?

The bone-shriving horror Conjuring 3 is on Netflix. But not in all over the world. The movie is streaming on Netflix in some selective regions such as Australia, and Japan. So if you are sitting in a couch of USA, Canada or UK, you won’t find the title on your Netflix.

Where Can I Watch The Conjuring 3

But don’t worry. Here’s we are sharing a step-by-step guide to stream your favorite movie The Conjuring 3 from all over the world:

  1. First, sign-up for a VPN and install the app on your device.
  2. Now search for a Japanese or Australian server.
  3. Once you find one, click on it to get connected.
  4. Now open your Netflix account and search The Conjuring 3.
  5. Now hit the play button and get ready for a horror ride with paranormal investor Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Is The Conjuring 3 on Amazon Prime?

The Conjuring 3 is streaming on Amazon Prime UK. But the title is still unavailable in the American Amazon Prime. So like USA if the title is unavailable in your region, you can use a VPN to bypass geo-restriction.

However, The Conjuring 3 is available for purchase and rent on Amazon Prime in almost all over the world including UK and USA. So even if the movie is not streaming on Amazon Prime in your location, you can skill enjoy the horror ride through digital purchase.

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Where Can I Watch The Conjuring 3in the UK?

The fascinating horror story of paranormal investor Lorraine Warren, Ed Warren and spiritual world is available on streaming site and digital retailing platforms. You can stream The Conjuring 3 on Amazon Prime Video.

The movie is also available for digital purchase and rent in online platforms such as SKY Store, Rakuten TV, iTunes, Microsoft Store, Youtube and Amazon Prime.

Where Can I Watch The Conjuring 3 for free?

Moviegoers always look for budget friendly options to enjoy their favorite movies and TV shows. If you are one of them, this section is for you.

First of all, check free trail options of streaming sites such as HBO Max or Amazon Prime. If the free trail is available for you, you can take it and enjoy The Conjuring 3 for free.

There are also free streaming sites where the title is available. The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do Itis now streaming on Tubi TV, Soap 2Day and 123 Movies.

From these options Tubi TV is the most trusted platform. You can watch the movie from their website. All you have to do it just visit their website and search for the title. Once you find it, you can enjoy the thrilling horror experience with Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Frequently Asked Questions on Where Can I Watch The Conjuring 3

Is The Conjuring 3 Family Friendly?

The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It is R rated. So it’s not family friendly if you have kids in your family. There are extremely violent concept such as sprit, possession, blood shedding. This disturbing contents can affect the mind of young kids.

Is Conjuring Based on a True Story?

Yes, the Conjuring movie is based on true story of Chad Hayes and Carey W. Hayes. But the writer of the Conjuring movie has added his creativity to make the story more appealing.

Which Conjuring is The Scariest?

The original Conjuring movie is considered to be the scariest of the franchise. Though the sequels are creepy and jaw-dropping, the jump scars of the original movie is another level. Directed by James Wan, this movie gained huge popularity and success.

Will There Be Conjuring 4?

James Wan, the director of Conjuring 3 movie, has confirmed Conjuring 4. This sequel is will follow the story of Ed and Lorraine Warren with a new paranormal journey.

Final Words

After going through the article, I’m sure, you have made up your mind of where you want to watch The Conjuring 3. The Conjuring 3 is worthy installment of the Conjuring franchise. With its gripping storyline, visual effects and top-notch acting of the cast it has made a place in the heart of horror thriller fans.

Now get some popcorn and hold your seat tide to enjoy the scary paranormal ride with The Conjuring 3.