Websites, Apps, and Software That Can Help Your Business

Websites, Apps, and Software That Can Help Your Business

Almost every business today has an online presence- from small food trucks to massive upscale supermarkets. But having a strong social media presence is just a small part of what technology can do for your small business.

Business owners have increasingly used technology like websites, apps, and software to enhance their productivity and organize the entire workflow. There are also plenty of online tools that provide efficiency and versatility for your staff and revolutionize the work process.

In this article, we’ve listed some of the websites, apps, and software that can improve and help your business increase profit, provide productivity, handle your finances, and provide more security. Read on and find out which technology would best help your business. 

Increase in Profit

There are effective apps that can help your business increase its current earning, widen your market, and reach more potential customers.

You can start by building a professional business website. A strong web presence increases the chances you’ll be found on search engines. In this way, you’ll reach more potential customers. More customers mean more profit.

Some of the best website builders out there are WIX, Site 123, and WordPress. WIX has over 500 design templates, advanced SEO and social tools, and premium plans that you can avail.

Site 123 offers customized designs that are sleek and simple. They also offer a 40% discount when you sign up. WordPress, on the other hand, is open-sourced and free. It comes with a vast plugin library and very easy to use.

Focus on adding blog entries and articles that are related to your business and target audience. can also enhance your Google presence and visibility.

You can also utilize email marketing apps and newsletter tools like Appier or Lucidpress to send clients your latest deals and discounts. You can also use these site to drive customers to check out your current promotions. 

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Adding ordering options and online payment services on your current website can also help you gain more profit. Services like Apple Pay that use touch ID confirmation will make transactions faster and more secure. 

If you want to provide a checkout process that’s more convenient and trustworthy, you can direct the check out from your site to Amazon Payments. Customers can use their Amazon credentials, thus making the process smoother.

Increasing your audience and reaching more people is the best way to improve your profit. These apps and websites are one of the most common tools business owners use today that are proven to help businesses thrive.

More productivity

There are many apps, software, and tools that can help your business increase productivity and allows your staff to maximize time and streamline the work process.

Using a time tracking website like or software like WebWork Time Tracker is excellent for mapping out where time is spent and by whom. This type of software is trusted in providing reliable timesheets.  

To make sure that everyone on the team stays on top with their tasks and improves internal communications, you can use project and task management tools such as collaboration suites like Slack, Microsoft Teams, or G-Suite.

These suites make team members discuss, plan, contribute, and execute workflows online. It helps increase productivity because team members can effectively communicate and delegate tasks without being physically present.

You can also use storage software like Google Cloud to file, sort, and save important documents to avoid numerous files cluttering your workspace. You’ll be able to organize relevant documents better by keeping them online.

You can also make use of software that provides employment care and support to increase productivity. 

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Take Hivetec, for example. Hivetec provides solutions and tools for service providers to deliver their service models effectively and efficiently. Hivetec aged offers many aged care solutions that are globally competitive and sustainable.

Handle Finances

Handling your finances can be overwhelming if you are doing it manually. There are numerous apps and software that can provide effective and efficient ways for you to manage and track your company’s finances.

Comprehensive accounting software like FreshBooks can help you manage your business finances. FreshBooks also has features that can track your expenses and inventory, automate your billing and recurring payments, and multiple user access.

You can also use payroll management software like JuzTalent to help you streamline the payroll process and avoid costly inefficiencies. JuzTalent has an advanced calculation engine that caters to various pay structures. You won’t need to do a manual calculation of your employees’ salaries.

Improve Security

Security systems can help you diminish threats and improve security for your business in many ways. 

You can install video surveillance like Frontpoint, Nest, and Blink to secure your premises and monitor your business. These surveillance systems have advanced features that alert you to any activity and help you monitor multiple cameras.

You can rely on Barracuda NextGen Firewall or Cisco ASA for high-quality firewalls that can protect and analyze any incoming data to your network. These firewalls will prevent any malicious data from entering your business’s private network that can harm your systems.


Going digital and using technology makes sense to any business. Business owners should start utilizing these apps and software to cut business costs, provide efficiency and productivity, increase profit, and provide security to your business. If you are planning to start a business, consider using these apps, tools, and software and increase your potential for success.