The Proper Way To Take Care Of Your Pool Table

Pool Table

A Pool table is one of the costly tools that you will want to invest in. When you own one, you will want to do anything in your power to make it last and keep it in good shape. Failure to maintain the pool, it will soon get damaged and this is something you definitely will not want to happen. To avoid regrets, the following are care tips you should always follow;

The positioning of the table

When positioning the pool table, it is always advisable to guard the pool table from direct sunlight. The fabric and wood tend to fade when the pool table is placed close to an uncovered window since the rays from the sun will quickly destroy the fabric and wood. Additionally, moisture or a wet surface destroys the wood in the pool. When the wood is exposed to an environment with high humidity, it can make the mold grow on the pool surface. Make sure to position the pool table in a room with medium humidity.

Cover the pool table

immediately after finishing playing, cover the pool table. This will prevent any dust from settling on the pool surface. Most pool tables made of wood tend to get damaged easily when subjected to dirt and dust. Similarly, humidity destroys the wood in the pool. Always ensure to cover the pool table with a water and dust repellent cover.

Clean the Balls

Cleaning the pool table is one step to making it look sparking new and tidy. Always take a couple of minutes to clean the balls when you are doing the normal pool table maintenance. Take a piece of cloth and dip it in water to wet the piece of cloth, use the cloth to wipe and clean the balls. However, you should often do a thorough cleaning on the balls to remove any oils and dirt that cannot easily be removed by water but with special products accessible.

Don’t sit on the Pool Table

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another care step you should always look out for is ensuring that none of your friends or family members sit on the pool table. Many people tend to ignore this; they always take it to be normal and not a major issue. Allowing people to sit on the pool table will create unnecessary pressure and weight that will cause long term damage. To lengthen the life and value of the table, avoid sitting on the pool table.

Playing safe
when it comes to playing, make sure the pool table and its accessories are in an excellent state and properly protected. It is not recommended to often chalk the cue tip and when you are chalking the tip, make sure you are doing it far from the pool table. In this way, you are preventing the dirt from dropping on the pool table surface. The dust can weaken and lessen the pool smoothness. Another care tip, shots that require one to dig the tip of the cue into the pool table cloth ought to be avoided as this could tear and scratch the surface of the table.

Cleaning the pockets of the pool table

Numerous pool tables pockets are created using leather materials. When cleaning the pockets, make sure not to use a cleaner made up of leather. Leather products increase the likelihood of unwanted substances coming into contact with the fabric and the balls. Use an oil-based product when cleaning a leather surface as this makes the material to be soft, elastic, smooth and free from germs. Additionally, it will not cause any scratches even after a long period of use.

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Wiping the pool table light

Always take a piece of wet cloth and wipe the hanging lamp. This is to prevent the dust and dirt that accumulates on the lamp from falling on the pool table. Sports avis team review market best pool table light that are meet your demand.

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Take care of the pool cloth

It is similarly essential to change the damaged fabric so that you can always enjoy playing. Unresolved liquid spills, bad play can damage the fabric. Playing well and shaping the cue in the way it is required will reduce the risk of damage to the pool fabric.


A pool table is a costly investment that needs to be well kept and maintained. Whether you are a first time player or competitive player, ensure that the pool table is well maintained.