Difference between 8 ball and 9 ball pool

Difference between 8 ball and 9 ball pool

Pool is one of the most enjoyed and sophisticated game that thoroughly enjoyed by various aged group people. There are certain rules that should be kept in mind while enjoying the game.
In this article, we will majorly be talking about the difference between a 8 ball pool game and a 9 ball pool game along with some similarities. So, at first, let’s understand 8 ball pool games.

In 8 ball pool games, there are 15 object balls and a cue ball. The 15 balls will be divided into 8 solid, 8 stripes and a black solid ball. In order to win the game, you will have to pocket the 7 solid/stripe ball one after another and then wrap up the game by targeting the solid black 8 ball to the pocket.  Don’t miss market best pool balls reviews and buyer’s guide?

If you start the game by hitting the solid or the stripe ball, throughout the game, you will have to hit the same ball with same pattern. If you start with solid, let’s say and in between, you end up hitting the stripes which is your opponent’s ball, you will have penalty to pay. This is the most common game that is played in pool. Also, keeping in mind the foul shots, you cannot pot the cue ball. Watch the video below to understand 8 ball pool.

Now, we will understand the concept of 9 ball pool game.

In 9 ball pool, unlike 8 ball pool, you will have 9 object balls numbered from one to 9 and a cue ball.
Here, you will have to hit the balls in the numerical order until you miss the ball or hits a foul; your opponent will shoot the ball from the position that you’ve left the game.
You many position the cue ball only in case of foul. Else, the position of the cue ball cannot be altered by either of you. The last person who pockets the 9th ball wins the game.
Here, one more rule that comes into the picture is that you will have to hit the shot in 60 seconds. Anything more than 60 seconds will be considered as a foul.

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I am sure that by now, reading the concept of how the game is played, you have understood the difference between 8 ball pool and a 9 ball pool.

Apart from the way the game is played, it is said that one needs a lot of thinking in order to play and win 8 ball pools whereas for 9 balls, it’s the shooting skill that will pay off your hard work.
Both 8 ball and 9 ball games are played in a pool table with 6 pockets and both have similar penalties that a player will have to abide by.

To summarize,
• In 8 ball pool, you will have to pot the 7 balls followed by the 8 black ball to win the game and you cannot touch the pattern of the ball that your opponent has chosen.
• In 9 ball pool, both you and your opponent can hit the same ball provided it is the lowest number on the table.
Watch a video to learn more about the difference between a 8 ball pool and a 9 ball pool.

Fun Fact about Pool:
• Pool is being pushed to be added in the 2024 Olympics after being denied to be considered for 2020 Olympics.
• Billiards was the first sport on the planet to have a world championship
• It is believed that the 1st pool table, during King Louis XI of France, was made of stone and was covered by a cloth and had only one hole in the middle where you could aim.
• In ancient era, the balls were made of ivory

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Wasn’t that great?
Want to know more, there are many such interesting pool facts that you find around the internet to learn more of such fun facts.
Pool both 8 ball and 9 ball are considered to be the safest sport in the planet where one doesn’t need to be worried about getting injured.
The best part is yet to come.
The average age of the billiard champions over the words is 35.6 years which simply means that you are never too late to learn the game. You never know, maybe you end up becoming the next champion on the make.

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