Top 15 LinkedIn Tools Which Will Help You in Shooting Up Your Sales

LinkedIn helps to put forward the most important brand ‘You’ to people.

It has over 400 million people on it from various parts of the world; it is also the largest ever professional network and is very useful to connect with prospective employers, companies or just some casual networks for events.

To be able to put forward the best version of you here we look at 15 LinkedIn tools that will help you go a long way and target the right kind of people and have a good impression

  1. LeadFuze

The first tool among the top LinkedIn tools is LeadFuze. It helps in building up a list of targets that are likely to be interested in your profile by taking leads from your LinkedIn search box and automatically find all relevant information like contact details and social media profile.

2. Crystal

Crystal is an effective tool that helps you in communicating efficiently and making sure that you are noticed in a sea full of messages. It provides you assistance to structure your message on the basis of what a person might like or expect you to message.

Being the world’s largest personality assessment platform, Crystal can help you understand the personality differences in your customers, co-workers, and in yourself. It can help you learn more about your communication style and behaviour. On the other hand, this tool can be used to predict the personality of the customers and their prospects using their LinkedIn profile.

3. Attach

Attach helps you to link any document to a sample message that you put across and also helps you to track the engagement of the contact that is when they open your message and when they chose to reply to it or how long they spent on your page.

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4. Datanyze Insider

This tool among the LinkedIn tools is specifically targeted towards the tech geeks or people interested in technology. It helps you analyse and find out which companies have a contract up for renewal so you can grab the opportunity and make the best use of it. That is, you can discover new prospects, find their email and contacts, and sell and promote your service/product based on your prospects’ technology choice. This tool can help you make quicker conversions with a better conversion quality. 

5. Quota Deck

This tool is crowdsourced introduction platform. A place where you can sync in your mail and LinkedIn Contacts. It then helps you to target your ideal consumer and send them warm introductory messages from your side. This makes reaching out easier

6. Email Hunter

Just as the name suggests this tool hunts for email of a prospect that you might be interested in by analysing and storing the ones available on the internet. So if you visit a certain company’s website, it will display all available email for that particular domain.

7. Sales

This tool helps to monitor newsfeed for specific keywords that you might provide services when someone may require your specific product or services. It also helps to download lists from LinkedIn to excel directly.

8. Discoverly

This tool ranks among the top LinkedIn tools as it helps to discover common grounds with a prospect. It so happens that sometimes we end up having common connections on LinkedIn or mutual friends on Facebook. This makes communicating a whole lot easier. Not only this, Discoverly can help see important information from other social channels, allowing you to gather additional information about an individual when using LinkedIn. This extended data can fasten up the process of accepting or declining whether the individuals are relevant to your business or not.  

9. Rapportive

Imagine receiving an email from a lead prospect and their LinkedIn profile displayed on the right side to know more about the person. Yes! This tool just turns this imagination into reality. Every time you receive an email the person’s LinkedIn profile will simultaneously come up.

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10. Elink.Club

This tool is purely based on luck factor it works on the principle that The LinkedIn system sys–automatically visit up to approximately 800 targeted profiles a day on your behalf. 

In turn, you can expect 8 – 9 percent of these people to visit your profile and connect with you

11. LinkedIn Lookup

Sometimes it happens that you meet a prospect at a networking event and they work for this awesome company that you are awestruck with. It might happen that you won’t remember the name of prospect but the company will be on your mind this tool comes to rescue in such situations. This amazing tool among various LinkedIn tools allows you to look up a person by company, experience, job, title or expertise.

12. Weave

It is an app that helps you expands your professional network by allowing you to meet like-minded people in your industry to network and collaborate.

13. Guru

Guru views people or companies on LinkedIn and gathers information about the industry, position , work history job title and gives you information about various prospects that you can take up to use. This tool helps you in personalised outreach.

14. Conspire

Conspire uses data from your social networking profiles and builds up a series of network and connections between you and your prospect. It also helps you to know how well you may match with the people you seem to be looking for

15. Brisk

When you visit a prospect’s LinkedIn profile, one click on Brisk automatically detects their contact information, and tells you if they’re already in your CRM or not. With one more click, you can add them to Salesforce as a lead or contact.

We hope that these tools will help you put forward the best of you to the leading prospects in your network and provide you with umpteen opportunities to grasp and make the best use to boost sales and build up the brand you.