Gilbert Arenas Net Worth & Everything You Need To Know

gilbert arenas net worth

Gilbert Arenas net worth: Talking about a sportsman’s life isn’t something new. It happens e every day. You probably read one article about an athlete every day. But do you read about them in detail? Probably not. But however, if you are interested in knowing more about athletes, we might have something for you.

If you are a basketball fan, you must have heard of Gilbert Arenas. He was one of the best basketball players of his time and was also a three-time NBA All Star. That’s something only a few can boast about. He has changed the teams he plays for in his career but has always stayed dedicated to the sport. Moreover, in interviews, he has made statements about how he wants people to remember that he played for the people.

Even though he was one of the best, one mistake of his put a dark mark on his career. It affected him in a way that now, even a decade after what happened, people associate him with the mistake more than the sport he played. But if you want to know the athlete in detail, we suggest you keep reading. We intend to tell you everything about Gilbert Arenas’ early life, Gilbert Arenas’ career, Gilbert Arenas net worth, and much more.


Gilbert Arenas early life

The American former basketball player Gilbert Arenas’ actual name is Gilbert Jay Arenas Jr. He was born on January 6th1982 in Florida. Hence, as of 2022, he is forty years old.  Nothing is known about his parents or family members. Our guess I that the names are not revealed to maintain a sense of privacy. But we do know that Gilbert’s family moved to Los Angeles soon after he was born, and that was where he grew up. We don’t know if he had any siblings growing up. The athlete hasn’t mentioned it.

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Gilbert Arenas wanted to become a basketball player from a very young age. He has once said publicly how basketball was everything to him and he lived and breathed the sport. And thus, it was no surprise that he started playing basketball at a young age. Gilbert’s basketball journey started at Grant High School, where he completed his schooling from. After that, like any dedicated athlete, he kept trying to get drafted by a team. Gilbert attended the University of Arizona but left it only a year or so later after getting drafted by the Golden State Warriors. Thus his journey as a professional basketball player started.

gilbert arenas net worth

Gilbert Arenas career

As we mentioned before, Gilbert Arenas net worth comes majorly from his basketball career. And that career started when he started playing for the Golden State Warriors in 2001. He used to play as a point guard. His journey with The Golden State Warriors lasted only for any couple of years till 2003. By the time he was done playing for the Golden State Warriors, he had gained substantial success.

Now he had the opportunity to choose between two teams, Washington Wizards and Los Angeles Clippers. And he ended up choosing Washington Wizards and played for them from 2003 to 2010. Gilbert was at the peak of his career for these seven years, but it all went downhill in 2010 when he was suspended for possession of firearms. We will talk about this incident in a later section of this article; let us tell you more about his career first.

In 2010, he was traded to Orlando Magic for Rashard Lewis. After the unfortunate incident in 2010, he changed teams quite a few times. Gilbert Arenas played for the Memphis Grizlies (2012) and Shanghai Sharks (2012-2013). Even though his contract with the Shanghai Sharks was till 2013, his last played game was in 2012.

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Gilbert Arenas firearms incident

In December 2009, Gilbert Arenas and his Washington Wizards teammate Javaris Crittenton were seen pointing guns at each other in the locker room. The situation was resolved without either getting hurt physically but it did hurt their career. Apparently, the two players had some argument over a gambling issue and had threatened to harm each other few days before the incident took place. And on the day, both had shown up with guns. This was wrong on a lot of levels and violated several clauses. Thus, Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton were suspended for the 2009-2010 season without pay. This pretty much ruined their career.

gilbert arenas net worth

Gilbert Arenas relationships

Gilbert Arenas is not married or in s relationship. In fact, he was never married. But he did have a long-term relationship with Laura Gowen from 2002-2014. During the relationship, he had four children with her. The former basketball player is currently single.

Gilbert Arenas net worth

This American former basketball player has made a good amount of money from the career he has had. Gilbert Arenas’s net worth comes from his career as a basketball player, brand endorsements, and investments. Like a lot of athletes, he had an endorsement with Adidas that was a very profitable one but it ended after the firearm incident. Currently, Gilbert Arenas net worth stands at $40 million. Gilbert we know to donate to charities often and truly believes in giving back what life has given him.

gilbert arenas net worth

Final Thoughts

Gilbert Arenas net worth is proof that he has had a great career. However, some things went wrong and his career went downhill. While what happened was unfortunate, perhaps one shouldn’t judge him by just that. He was a great athlete who’s entire life was about playing basketball. Gilbert was dedicated and determined throughout his career. He had to keep changing teams but his passion for his sport never changed.

What do you think of him? Let us know in the comments below.