Shaddai Prejean: Why Is He At The Peak Of All Controversies?

shaddai prejean

Are you aware of Shaddai Prejean? Some might know, and some might not know. There are many kinds of people residing in this world, and Shaddai Prejean has been among them. You might be a fan of him or may not like him as well or have a neutral or unbiased opinion of him. But after the end, you might have an opinion on what to think about him. Don’t you worry; whatever questions you have in your mind, they will be answered, and try to clear the questions clouding up in your mind?

The one you are looking for is called Shaddai Shadman all over the internet and has his own YouTube channel called Shadbase. To call him very popular or not is very confusing. But he has earned quite some fame. Either some liked his work, or some did not like it, but in both ways, people got to know him. His artwork is good, but the content was something that some people did not like and went against him. Having known all of it, he kept doing what he was doing for quite a long time. Ultimately in 2019, he announced he was giving up making the kind of artwork he was making.

shaddai prejean

About Shaddai Prejean

The one you are seeing right now was previously residing in Switzerland. That is, he was born and brought up there. There he went to school and got his basic education. After some years, he drew an improper picture of girls below the age of 18. But instead of doing something else with his life, he tried polishing his drawings by going to art school. When he got hold of his work, people found it highly censored content, and he was dismissed from the art school as well.

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Nothing has been known about his family. It is a guess, but maybe Shaddai Prejean or Shadman wants to keep a low profile regarding his background. Even nothing is known about his personal life at all. But at present, he is staying in Los Angelos, California.

The career of Shaddai Prejean

His career is based totally on art. He has been trying to draw for a long time but what was seen as a drawing, the content later, started to change. As he kept drawing, the content became censored, and he adopted it as his career.

But then, what he used to draw, he started putting it online. Some would like what he posts, and some would not. The art he made was censored. Of course, people all around would have different opinions; some would like what he did, and some would despise it. But he kept on doing what he was doing.

He would also make blogs from time to time and make some question-answer video content as well. At times, he would also do the artwork that his audience would want him to make.

shaddai prejean

About Shaddai Prejean’s Artwork

His artwork would involve censored content where he would make the animation may be real or fictional and give them his art view. It might be nudity or might be pornographic artwork as well. He has illustrated much under-age censored content for which he has been despised as well. But he kept doing what he was doing.

His artwork involved cartoons only, but the content of those cartoons was different from the ones people generally see. Though, whatever he used to, he was good at the artwork.

What is Shaddai Prejean’s Net Worth?

It is not like what he works is illegal or anything. Many make pornographic content, and it sells as well. So, he was active in quite some platforms and was earning well from them before he quit his career.

As per estimates, his net worth is $3 to 4 million. Well, you might be thinking about how! But it all depends on the audience. People who like his content are interested in watching him and follow him everywhere. As a result, he was able to earn a lot from his career and ended up having such great net worth.

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shaddai prejean

Negative Review of Shaddai Prejean

What you have been seeing is one part of him. But do you know why there are some people who do not like him? There have been cases and scenes where Shaddai Prejean has received more hate than anything.

There was a moment when some fan of his told him to draw about Keemstar’s daughter, who was just 7 back then. And it included Donald Trump as well in it. He took it as a dare, and when Trump won the elections, he released the artwork. He had to take it off the media as Keemstar was going to file a complaint.

Like that, he drew an image of Edd Gould as well where she was being raped by the God of Death, that is, the Grim Reaper. Quite an image, but unethical content is not appreciated over different platforms. It was highly depreciated by people around, but he did not take off the content.

Lastly, he was last seen dressed as an assaulter and also had a dangerous weapon with him. He was said to have committed an assault and was arrested for it. The case is still going on, and a decision has not been made yet. It is still an ongoing case.

Final Thoughts

With this, we have come to the end of our blog! Now you know about Shaddai Prejean, aka Shadman and his channel has the name Shadbase. In case you have not seen the content, you can go search and see what and all content he has been making. It is your choice, and you may or may not like the content. Let us know if the blog gave you the information you wanted or not! Please share it with others who want to know about Shaddai Prejean.