Best CSGO Launching Options To Improve Your Gameplay

Best CSGO Launching Options

Best CSGO games Options To Improve Your Gameplay.CSGO is a game that has many options and settings that players can tweak according to their liking. Of course, some things are proven to be better than others, and most people accept those things and use them in their gameplay to be better.

Counter Strike Global Offensive is undeniably a tier 1 esports game in the world and has a massive fan and player base. CS: GO players engage with the game in many different ways, including playing casually, ranked, watching CS: GO streams, keeping up with tournaments, and betting on professional teams on 

Those professionals are always looking for the slightest tweak that they can find in order to gain a competitive advantage. 

Today we bring you the best CS: GO launching options and tweaks that professional CS: GO athletes use in their games.

What Are Launching Options In CS: GO?

If you are unaware of what launching options are in CS: GO, we are here to explain it. These options are many settings that can be tweaked upon game start. Basically, you control the inner settings of CS: GO by typing commands.

These can include the tick rate, processor priority, and other technical settings.

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Using Launch Commands in CS: GO

So, where do you input launch commands in CS: GO

It’s simple, just go to your Steam library and locate CS: GO. Right-click it and select properties and click on Set Launch Options. 

A small window will appear, and this is where you enter launch commands. The correct format for entering a command is “-[command] “and a space for the next command and so on…

After you have entered all the commands that you wish, close the window and enter the game.

Best CS: GO Launch Commands That Professionals Use

Enabling Console On StartUp

-console: This command allows you to use the console as soon as you enter the game. It also ensures that all your configuration files are in place and load correctly

Removing Valve Intros

-novid: There are Valve videos that play when you launch the game. This command skips those introduction videos.

Priority for Processor

-high: Entering this command as a launch option will give CS: GO high CPU priority. This means that if you like to alt-tab while being dead to do other things and those things stay in your background, they won’t have much impact on the game while you are playing it. Most importantly, you won’t experience latency. 

Fullscreen Mode

-fullscreen: The game will always load in fullscreen with this command.

Offline Tickrate Settings

-tickrate 128: When playing offline games against bots or on a server hosted by yourself, you can set the tick rate of that server. The default for CS: GO is 64 tick rate. However, professional games are being played on 128 tick rate servers, and you should practice on them as well.

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Removing Window Borders

-noborder: The borders that appear around windows will be removed.

Changing the Language of the Client

-language[enter language here]: If you are finding it difficult to change the language of your client, you can use this command and enter the language of your choice. 

Removing FPS Limit

+fps_max 0: There is an FPS cap that is enabled by default. You should remove this cap, especially if you have a really good PC.

Removing JoyStick Support

-nojoy: This command will remove joystick support, which will, in return, free up RAM from your PC. 

There are many other launch options which might potentially improve the performance of your PC, but we have included the most important ones. Let us know in the comments if you are using some command that should be added to this list.