Riley Reid Husband: Who Is The Pornstar’s Love?

riley reid husband

With the development of technology, we not have multiple industries in the world. The film industry might be the biggest, but there are other ones too that are immensely popular and successful. For instance, the music industry had done good for itself both in fame and money. Similarly, the pornographic industry has become immensely popular in the past few decades.

It is a slightly unconventional industry and most people are still not comfortable with it. But it is no secret that people working in this particular industry are earning well and are fairly popular.

If you are familiar with the pornographic industry, you might have heard of Riley Reid. She happens to be one of the most known faces in the adult film business. And one has to admit that we as noncelebrities, are really curious about the ones who are famous. Whether it’s an actor or a musician, we like to know about their life. If you are interested to know about Riley Reid early life, Riley Reid career, Riley Reid Husband and Riley Reid net worth, we have just the article for you.

riley reid husband

Riley Reid early life

Did you know that Riley Reid is not her actual name? Riley was born as Ashley Matthews and that is still her real name. Pornography actors usually choose a stage name when they start working in the industry. They avoid using their own name to avoid controversy or simply because they want their work to be associated with a different name. Thus, Ashley picked a different stage name.

Riley Reid Age

Riley Reid was born on 9th July 1991. She was born in Miami, Florida. Thus, as of 2022, she is thirty-one years of age.

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Riley Reid ethnicity

Riley is an American, but she comes from a mixed ethnicity. According to sources, she is part Irish, part Puerto-Rican and part Dominican.

Riley Reid education

A lot of people think that actors who start working early, do not finish their education. And while that is true for a few, Riley has done things differently. She started working as a stripper at quite a young age, but she graduated from high school and also from college. Riley attended Charles W. Flanagan High School. She later graduated from Florida International University. Riley started working hard for her future at a young age, but she also gave equal importance to her education.

Riley Reid Family

Riley Reid has not spoken publicly of her family. It is not very common of adult film industry actors to talk about their family. Since their profession is frowned upon by many, one doesn’t disclose information about their family to ensure safety.

We might not know of Riley’s parents or potential siblings, but we do know Riley Reid Husband. She has been married to free runner and Red Bull ‘Art Of Motion Champion’ Pavel Petkuns since July 2021.

riley reid husband

Riley Reid Career

As we have mentioned before, Riley Reid is a successful adult film actor. She has been working in this industry since 2010, from when she was nineteen. Before pursuing this as her profession, Riley used to work as a stripper. But this was for a brief period only. Once she started working as a pornographic actor, she soon became very famous for her work. She has won over forty awards for her performances which includes the AVN Award for Female Performer of the Year. Riley has been in this industry for over a decade, but has been consistently hardworking and thus, successful.

Riley Reid Husband

Not much is known of Riley’s past relationships. But what we do know that she is currently married to Pavel Petkuns. The couple tied the knot in November 2021.

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Riley Reid Husband Pavel Petkuns

This free runner hails from Latvia. He was born in Latvia in 1992. Thus, Pavel is between twenty-nine to thirty years of age. Since the exact date of his birth is not known, we can’t confirm his exact age.

Pavel Petkuns started his free running career in 2009 and has had s very successful career ever since. He has won two Red Bull Art Of Motion tiles. Looking at his very successful career, one can guess that he is fairly rich. Pavel has a net worth of $1 million to $5 million.

When Pavel and Riley started dating is unknown, but according to sources they are very happy to be in love and married. Riley apparently had her reservations about finding love. At one point she thought that she wouldn’t find love, that she was too late. But fortunately, she did find love in Pavel and now is living a happy life.

Riley Reid Net worth

Riley Reid, like any other successful actor out there has made good amount of money in their career. Many assume that pornographic actors earn a lot, and they aren’t really wrong about it. The adult film industry does earn a lot of money and so do the actors and everyone else working in the industry. Thus, after working as an adult film star for a decade, Riley Reid has a really high net worth. As of 2022, Riley Reid has a net worth of approximately $12 million. And it only seems to be increasing every day.

riley reid husband

Final thoughts

Often people tend to judge adult film actors, but they are equally curious about them as well. People want to know about the personal lives of these actors because they don’t really get to see much of it. If you were curious about Riley Reid personal life, Riley Reid Husband and Riley Reid net worth, we hope to have been of help.

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