How to Download Scribd Services for Free in 2021 (Working Method)

scribd download free services

What is Scribd?

Scribd is a website where you can download more than 16 million e-books, audiobooks, and magazines among others. All these materials are usually learning materials. All you need to do is to subscribe to their monthly plan so as to be able to access their reading materials. How to use scribd download free services is stated below.

It is believed that close to 40 million scribd users download free documents are available on their website. Many scribd users post their original written materials here so that subscribers can be able to access them for free. This website started operating by March 2007. The official headquarters for scribd is located in San Francisco, California. More than 80 million people subscribe to scribd on a monthly basis.

By making a payment of $8.99 per month on their website, you will be able to enjoy scribd services wherever you are on your device. You can access their products and services online. People living in first-world countries, are very comfortable with this payment plan unlike those in developing countries. This payment plan is strainous to them resulting to most of them seeking ways to enjoy scribd download free services.

A niche in the database of this website makes this possible. If you know how to navigate your way through their system, you will be able to enjoy scribd download free services without too much hassle. You will be able to view and download their contents for free.

The various methods that will enable you to enjoy scribd download free services can work on Android or iOS devices. Amazon kindle is also another option that you can use to access these contents. Earlier, in order for you to be able to download these documents, you were required to make the payment. That is not the case anymore. Several methods are now available for you to use scribd download free services.

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With scribd, you will be able to access most of the documents that have been posted by many writers. These documents are original and you will be to access them for free. With the methods stated below, you will be able to access all these contents for free.

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How To Download Documents From Scribd Downloader

Method 1

  • You will need to open the Scribd website first.
  • Then, you will need to search for the content that you would like to download free of charge.
  • Copy the URL that appears on the address bar of that document or content.
  • You will then proceed to log into your Facebook account. A subscription tab will automatically pop up. You need to skip this page.
  • You will then need to create any document, write any title on it, fill in a few words on the description tab then upload it to scribd.
  • Then, paste the URL you had copied earlier to this address bar then press the enter button.
  • A download button will then appear on your screen. Click that download button.
  • The document will start to download. Proceed to save it to your computer.

Note that this method only applies to documents which do not have the downloading option. Mostly, files that are in DOC or PDF formats can be viewed and downloaded using this method.

Method 2

This method is used to download content from Scribd using an Access Key.

  • First, you will need to open the Scribd website then locate the document which you would like to download open it.
  • Then, right click the page and select the View Page Sources tab.
  • You will then need to press and hold the control key then press F ( or ⌘ + F) then search the access key.
  • You need to copy this URL ( then edit it with your access key and document ID.
  • Finally, paste that URL on the address bar and wait for it to load completely. You can then proceed and download that document for free.
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Method 3

This method allows you to download scribd documents using GreaseMonkey Script. With this method, it is not a must for you to log in to the scribd website. You will have to download a Firefox GreaseMonkey script extension.

  • First, you will need to download the Firefox browser then proceed to install the GreaseMonkey script Extension.
  • Then, proceed to download the GreaseMonkey Script then link it to the GreaseMonkey extension.
  • You will then need to access the document page then select the download button.
  • This content will skip the subscription page automatically. You can then download the document for free.

Method 4

This method enables you to download content from scribd using Python Script. You will be able to download these contents such as e-books and documents for free. You will also be to access files that are blurred or require authentication for free. It will be successfully using this method. You will also be able to download pictures and texts separately from the document. You will need to find a software that will enable you to convert the text and image into PDF.

  • First, open this URL (DLSCRIB.COM) online.
  • You will then need to type in the URL of the document that you want to download.
  • You can then proceed to click the download button.
  • Allow for the document to download and you will be able to access this document for free.

Scribd is the best website to use so as to be able to access all written contents for free. Many users usually upload their documents there. Up to 80 million people subscribe to this website to access and download these documents for free.


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