Education Software Parents Should Really Know About


The process of growing up and the experience that children today have is very different from the one you might remember. Reminiscing on the days before the internet and even handheld mobiles were common nursery, we think about how simple those days were, but also, how disconnected we all were.

Parent’s these days may face fewer barriers to speak with their children during the day, as communication with one another is a simple text away. With the introduction of nursery management software, you can even stay in contact with your toddler while they enjoy their time at nursery.

Be There For Your Child 24/7

Twenty years ago, a parent could only dream of knowing what their little one got up to on a day to day basis at nursery, but with nursery management software now offered online and on our phones, pre-school staff are able to take photos and send messages to parents throughout the day, posting updates about what the children are up to nursery. During the day, parents simply check the app on their phone to read any updates, and are notified of any incidents that might have happened.

If your nursery does not currently have any software like this, why not talk to them about it and suggest they sign up?

Benefits To The Nursery

Not only does this software put parent’s minds at ease, but it can also make life easier for the nursery staff themselves. Traditionally, children’s data, registers, injury forms and much more are of course stored away in files in an office, but this kind of nursery management software means that all of the information can be stored digitally, and accessed at the tap of a button. It also means that parents are able to access this information as and when they need it, which may save time answering enquiries for the staff.

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Track Your Child’s Development

Nursery management software such as this provides parents and nursery staff with a learning journal for each child so that their development can be tracked across time. By keeping a digital diary, which provides prompts on the child’s next steps, parents and staff are able to flag any problems with the child’s development early on, as well as celebrate any advances. This journal can also be synced with certain frameworks which align with the nursery’s curriculum, so you know what stage of learning your little one is at.

The Next Generation Of Nursery Management

Society is slowly turning digital. Eventually, all schools, colleges and universities will store their information online, and nurseries are no different. This improves the level of communication between parents and children means that parents will be able to talk to the child about what they did during their day, and even continue learning patterns set out by nursery staff, aiding the child development. Ultimately, this kind of technology aims to make life easier for everyone and improve the lives of the children being looked after.

So, if you know a child who is attending a nursery that does not currently use any management software, suggesting this could save them a lot of admin work, and improve each child’s learning experience. With an aim to simplify lengthy processes and a focus on education and development, changing to digital could be the best thing that happened to your nursery!