How to read an EV charging stations Map correctly

EV charging stations Map

An EV charging stations Map is the ideal graphic that can help us find that place to recharge the energy of our electric car during the road and long distances.

The EV charging stations Map is one of the main features and functionalities that you can get in the electric car charging applications, since it indicates the distance to travel to reach these sites.

Also in these EV charging stations Map, you can know and find out in a very intuitive and user friendly way how far is left to reach the next electric charging station, how crowded the site is and also find out the rates and payment methods.  Plugshare, EVCS’ app, Google Maps or Apple Maps can also help you in this task.

All these specifications can be found depending on the mobile application used to find out where these charging stations are located. Some are much more complete than others, but in general the vast majority should have a map that contains, maybe not all the sites, but a good number of them, so the users can plan their trip.

 A map of EV charging stations is essential to be able to plan a long trip as mentioned above. The distance between one charging site and another should be taken into account so the driver can calculate how many kilometers he will be able to spend on the car battery without overcharging or wasting it.

Why move to electric power and use EV charging maps?

There are a large number of European countries that are moving ahead with the electric mobility plan to significantly reduce carbon emissions by 2030. Some countries such as the UK have already invested £400 million in electric-powered vehicle chargers.

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Italy also recently presented for the first time in its history a very comprehensive incentive program for electric vehicles, as well as Germany approved its updated 2030 action plan against climate change. 

So, in these proposals, countries have given their views and the general consensus has been to lower carbon dioxide emissions, thus reaching much lower numbers by 2025 than they are today.

Many other countries have also followed this path and proposals for the use and implementation of electric vehicles, their chargers and charging stations, achieving that renewable energy in our most personal means of transportation, that is, our car, will be here to stay.

There are many proposals and plans to say goodbye to fuel pumps and welcome the new, radiant and innovative electric vehicle charging points, which goes hand by hand with the possibility of being able to find EV charging stations wherever we are.

Today’s businesses must look for more sustainable ways to stay afloat in today’s booming market, which is being updated every day based not only on the needs of their employees and customers, but also on the environment that surrounds us, which is the raw material supplier for all commercial activities around the world.

Businesses that do not have this new electric charging infrastructure may find it difficult to compete with those that have already implemented it. In addition, government agencies in several countries have already begun to raise carbon taxes on companies, which is a further incentive for them to change their work methodology to a greener and more sustainable one.

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New customers attracted by the sustainability offered by the brand and the top-of-the-line technology used in these stations will offer many advantages to companies that want to be pioneers in this new working model that makes their brands even more loyal.

Respecting the environment is an attitude that should not only be honored by companies and their professional ethics, but also makes the business always thriving, attracting more users and customers also interested in investing in the business of pro-environmental energy profitability.

It is for this reason that the proliferation of mobile applications to find electric charging points for your car is increasing every year.