Get a Gaming Laptop to Game in December

Get a Gaming Laptop to Game in December

When it comes to laptop computers, gaming laptops score high on several parameters. The reason for this is not far to seek. Gaming laptops are built with the best components, like the processors, the RAM, the graphic cards and so on. On a purely objective level, the manufacturer or the brand may not be a critical factor in choosing the best gaming laptop in the market. However, it is difficult not to consider brands like Razer Blade which fashion themselves as dedicated gaming laptop brands.

A comparison can be made on what each brand has to offer in the gaming laptop space and leave the ranking and other factors to your imagination. With the Black Friday shopping frenzy around the corner, you must not miss buying a good gaming laptop this December. Let’s discuss about a few brands here and see what’s special about the gaming laptops from each brand.

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Razer Blade

Razer is a brand that has a wide range of gaming laptops with high end specifications. You will find many Razer Blade gaming laptops on ecommerce sites going for prices lower than their marked prices and you can pick up one this holiday season. A discounted Razer Blade gaming laptop is as good as a steal. Both the brand and the company have a gaming background and know what a typical gamer would be looking for in their machines. The Intel and AMD processors, NVIDIA and AMD graphic cards can all be found on their machines. Check the RAM levels as well. Latest laptops come with advanced batteries that can be charged quickly.

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Razer even has a laptop with 13-inch display in the gaming segment where most are between 15 and 17-inches. One model,the Razer Blade Pro 17, released this year has received rave reviews. There are other models like Studio edition and Quartz model are also part of the offerings from Razer Blade.


ASUS is the Taiwanese technology major which has a dedicated lineup of gaming laptops; it calls Republic of Gamers or ROG. Within this ROG range, the company offers gaming mobile phones and even desktops. Its gaming laptop range has model names like ZEPHYRUS, Strix and TUF. There are models with Intel processors and AMD processors. The graphic support can also vary with the models. The display size could also vary between 15.6-inches to 17-inches or more.


HP has released a new gaming laptop, in its OMEN sub brand with a 9th generation i9 processor and high-end specifications. This particular OMEN model is even counted among the best gaming laptops of 2019. HP has a wealth of experience in making laptop computers and the gaming laptop genre gives them an edge in this high technology market as well. Gaming laptops are generally thick and sturdy, but HP has gone in for a thin design on this model. It has also packed the device with 32GB RAM.


Acer is another Taiwanese technology company that has made a name for itself in many electronic product categories. Like its Taiwanese rival ASUS, Acer too has a wide range of gaming laptops in its products catalogue. It has developed sub brands like Predator and Nitro. The Predator series has some models that rank high in terms of their specifications and performance. Acer has models with further sub-sub brands like Predator Triton and Predator Helios, all in the gaming laptops category. The variations are brought about by using different processors, Intel Core i7 and Core i9 and AMD and graphics support from a range of NVIDIA cards.

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Many seasoned buyers of electronic products look at the December month as the ideal time to make a purchase. The Black Friday offers are already on in some sites. The discounts have come to stay and brands like Razer Blade with their exclusive range of gaming laptops top the charts with the best specifications but affordable prices. You may choose the best gaming laptop based on the requirements and your gaming needs. When you have such a wide choice, you can take your time and browse through the details and pick up the one that comes closest to your requirements. You could own one of the best gaming laptops soon. If you don’t take this opportunity and make the purchase, you could be left regretting later.