Cultivation Chat Group: What it is

cultivation chat group

Cultivation Chat Group has many functions. It is a social media platform and also texting that has many functions. This platform relies on Song Shuhang’s talent ability. For anyone to join this platform, he/she will need to scan a unique QR code first.

Main Server for cultivation chat group

In the event of the ‘Tyrant Serenity Sermon’, the QR Code became available to many people. The practitioners from Myriad Realms and All Heavens were able to see this code. The demons belonging to the Nine Serenities also got to see this special code.

Since number of ‘Add Friend’ requests kept rising, it resulted to Song Shuhang’s immediately body to explode. It was then followed by an immediate resurrection with Lady Dragon Net sealing all these friend requests. This seal has a maximum period of of one month only. In this period, Shuhang must update and upgrade his physical body to hold all the load. Also, to try and seek out alternatives so as to shift the load. The Eye Looking Planet eventually became the main frame to the chat group.

Sub Server for cultivation chat group

So as to be able to ease the burden of the main server, Lady Fat Ball needs to utilize the stars and planets that will be used as sub servers for the near future.

Users in cultivation chat group

After the Tyrant Serenity Sermon’, cultivation becomes vibrant with Tyrant Serenity Sermon’. It becomes available to the users using Myriad Realms, All Heavens, and Nine Serenities.


The features that this cultivation chat group is also the same as those of WeChat.


A user who is the VIP level of this cultivation chat group, is able to block another user for a maximum of seven days.

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There exists multiple subgroups in this cultivation chat group. Most of these subgroups get their designation automatically.


The Users on the VIP level are the ones who can easily use this feature.
[Blacklist] Demon Emperor Hezhi
[Blacklist] Lord of Unextinguished
[Striped Dragon Two son] Little Strippy
[Anything Can Sell]
[Mama Yellow Mountain] Venerable Yellow Mountain
Cheng Lin
Blacklist 2
Son of Heaven (Died in Battle)
Kun King
Demon Emperor È[3]
Nine Provinces (2) Chat Group
The users belonging to the Nine Provinces (1) Group were able to join this chat group. Yellow Mountain became an admin of this chat group.

Other cultivation chat groups are:

Kui Two

It translates to mean Striped Dragon Two. He was a ruler among the Nine Serenities. Song Shuhang gave him the nickname, Kui. Song used ‘Two’ as a unique nomenclature used for identifying the Nine Serenities Rulers.

Cheng Lin

Is used to refer to a historic heaven-like court empress belonging to the Nacre lake. She is among the most powerful eternal beings. She shares these powers with other four great emperors and Dragon Primogenitor. The mother of all queens in the West is a calque of Xiwangmu in Chinese sources. They are Seowangmo in Korea, Seiōbo in Japan, and Tây Vương Mẫu in Vietnam. She holds various titles with the most famous one being the Golden Mother of the Nacre lake.

It can be translated to “Mother-of-Pearl Lake” or “Mother-of-Nacre Lake”). In some instances, she is known as the Lady Queen Mother. She is the major god in the Maternist movement of Chinese salvationist faiths, where she is referred to as the Eternal Venerable Mother. “Golden Mother the First Ruler,” “Golden Mother of Tortoise Mountain,” “She of the Nine Numina and the Grand Marvel,” and the “Perfected Marvel of the Western Florescence and Ultimate Worthy of the Cavernous Darkness,” according to Tang writers. Commoners and poets referred to her as the “Queen Mother,” “Divine Mother,” or simply “Nanny” at the time (Amah).

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White (Heavenly Way)

The Seventh Heavenly Way was his name. In comparison to the other Heavenly Ways, especially the Eighth Heavenly Way, his reign was brief. In the history of All Heavens and Myriad Realms, White was the first known human to have a markless gold core. White didn’t dare to look at anyone. This is because he is afraid. He did not want anyonee to inquire from him of the number of dragon marks on his body. Furthermore, his pals at the time had at least seven or eight dragon marks. White went into a deep meditation as a result of this, and remained closed for more than 50 years. He only came out of seclusion after becoming a True Monarch of the Sixth Stage.

Cultivation Chat Group Wiki

Is a collaborative website to which anyone can contribute. Learn new things, share what you’ve learned, and expand to your knowledge base.

Soft Feather

Her distinguishing characteristic is her long leg, which she is a lovely tall and slim girl. Soft Feather was practically a made-for-movies female lead template. Even if she stood motionless in the crowd, she emanated a sense of being clearly superior to others, with a natural demeanor that drew others’ gazes and the ability to be the center of attention.


People began to admire White’s statue since he is reputed to be incredibly lovely. When White’s monument became a reality, he would be the center of attention wherever he went. White usually attracts both men and women. Song Shuhang’s look was constantly compared to White’s, much to White’s chagrin.

Ye Si

Song Shuhang had a romantic interest in Ye Si, a member of the Clear Water Pavilion. Ye Si joined the Clear Water Pavilion at an early age and finally developed her own cultivation technique with the support of the Pavilion Lord. She met her death when the pavillion came tumbling down, but was reincarnated as a ghost spirit when a spirit ghost lent to her family absorbed her spirit and got pregnant with her. She had, however, lost all recollections of her death and the Pavilion’s demolition. Ye Si is a popular Chinese surname that appears in the Hundred Family Surnames list. It also refers to a leaf, a page, a lobe, a (historical) era, and a tiny boat classification.



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